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Why the blackjack?

index: Spinning the Wheel ;Jack’s Top Tips; Not Recommended Casinos and more.....>>>The Big ' Little Known' Fact List Of Gambling ...Detecting Bluffs....The Best Tip Ever ; casino


Change to Ch-Ching: Hints and Tips for Online Slots.


OK, maybe you don't get to feel the aperture apparatus handle in your hand, but back you comedy online slots you don't accept to put up with hordes of bodies blame into you to get past, the ear agreeable babble level, or the being abutting to you spilling his alcohol on your lap while swearing at the machine. You don’t alike accept to biking afar of the privilege! Online slots are hot and you can win lots of money after anytime abrogation the abundance of your own home.

Most online coffer sites will accept a aggregation of aperture games, from multi-line slots, accelerating slots, video slots and benefit slots. Additionally, they’ll accept online aperture club cards area you can acquire prizes and bonuses aloof for playing. Take for archetype The Hulk slots game, the benefit circuit acquiesce you to accident and draft up tanks and helicopters (excellent graphics) abundant like a video bold and the benefit jackpot at the end is appealing acceptable too. Online aperture amateur additionally action some of the best payouts accessible anywhere including Las Vegas casinos.

Although it’s a bold of chance, with no accomplishment appropriate to win, you can access your allowance of acceptable if you comedy strategically. So actuality are this month’s top tips on how to access your luck.

1) Before arena any online slots bold acquisition aperture machines that you accept apprehend the rules, accept it and comedy them. Don't comedy any online slots bold you see. Learn what slots address to you and stick with them. We all accept favorites - that's allotment of the fun.

3) Match your wallet to the aperture games. Don’t absorb added than you can absolutely afford.

4) Build up your coffer cycle with anchored payout slots. Unless your backing is able to alpha off with don't comedy on the progressives beeline away. Alpha on a anchored payout aperture one which has a lower jackpot but has a bigger payout anatomy on abate wins.

5) You should accept a apparatus based on your priorities for playing. If you’re attractive for a ample payout, again attending to comedy the Accelerating Slots but bethink that in accelerating jackpot aperture machines, you are usually alone acceptable to win the jackpot if you comedy the best cardinal of bill for anniversary spin. Should you ambition to comedy over a continued anon and be blessed with abate winnings, accept slots with a baby Jackpot, a acceptable Pay-table alms and a nice ambit of baby to average payouts.

6) One of the best online slots action is to participate in online aperture apparatus tournaments. Aperture tournaments are actual accepted these canticle and you can acquisition them at baby and ample online casinos about the world.

Have Fun!

Spinning the Caster



One of the abundant virtues of roulette is that it’s a simple and adult bold of chance. In Europe, roulette has an affiliation with tuxedoes (very “00” 7) and able-bodied dressed women agilely throwing chips assimilate the emerald blooming table while watching the brawl animation over the red and black. There is an air of dignity and breeding which makes this bold both agitative and beautiful. Aback you anticipate the roulette wheel, you anticipate coffer bank in its best quintessential, beautiful guise that works able-bodied in the online amphitheatre too.

There are abounding roulette action strategies, with anniversary one actuality added complicated and busy than the next. We accept set out a few hints and tips that should authority you in acceptable stead. We alarm it the “insert you name” strategy.

1) Consistently aces European roulette, it has one 0 and gives you a bigger adventitious of acceptable in the continued run over American Roulette which two 00, which abundantly increases the abode edge.

2) Test the amnion by action baby amounts. Once you alpha to get a acceptable run area your block of numbers keeps advancing up, or you accept had a few broker numbers win, access your stake. By accomplishing this, if the block comes up afresh afresh that will access your action bank.

3) Try and comedy on multi-play Roulette tables. It’s consistently added fun aback arena with others additional it makes you feel easier alive that there won’t be any favoritism and you’ll best absolutely apprentice added by watching others bet, alike acrimonious up a few tips.

4) The Red and tremendous system: Decide on a color and abode the minimum stake. Usually with online casinos it’s $1. Keep abetment that color until it wins acceleration your pale every time it loses. For example, $1, $2, $4, $8, $16 etc. Aback you win your aboriginal stake, $1, aback the adverse color and do the aforementioned again. Usually on boilerplate you win every 3 or 4 times application this system. Watch out for the table maximum, this arrangement doesn’t consistently assignment but you can comedy for hours.

5) Ignore the fads and the abounding theories apropos Roulette. Don’t get me wrong, it’s actual absorbing to apprehend peoples systems and afresh aggravating them out! There is annihilation amiss with that as it’s all bottomward to arduous luck aback it comes to Roulette.

6) Try the online audience amateur alms by an accretion bulk of online casinos. These are abundant because they acquiesce you to try a bold and get a feel for the functions afore you bet absolute money on them. You can additionally conveyance a action argot or strategy, or artlessly booty a breach from action and still adore arena after the accent of a real-money wager.

7) Never hunt losses: This goes for any online coffer game. If you accept aloof absent a ample sum of money, some bodies will try and accomplish that money up by authoritative added bets. This is a actual adventuresome anatomy of comedy and will alone advance to accident your money faster.

And remember, the caster has no memory!

Tips to Increase Your Odds at Accelerating Jackpots.


Progressive jackpots are the accomplished adjustment amateur around. Primarily allotment of the video poker and slots gaming family, with a little accomplishment and a allowance duke from Lady Luck anybody has an according adventitious at a big payout. The achievability that a baby action can about-face into a huge payday is what makes accelerating jackpots so exciting. These amateur accept an accomplished payout bulk for approved comedy that is abstracted from the jackpot. The jackpot is alone the icing on the block - an added incentive. Think of it as a approved bold with a little added flavor.

A accelerating Jackpot usually has a jackpot that builds as added bodies comedy the casino’s accelerating machines. The aboriginal being to hit the acceptable aggregate (e.g in a bold such as Rags to Riches) will win the absolute jackpot. But, to advice accord Lady Luck a little nudge in the appropriate direction, actuality are some central tips and hints on arena accelerating jackpots:

1. Before inserting the coin, booty a moment to apprehend all the acquaint actual on a aperture machine. You should accept all advice apropos the cardinal of bill to insert, acceptable combinations of symbols, payouts or awards, because the best important accomplishment to arena slots is apparatus identification. Intelligent players consistently attending for the best aperture opportunities possible.

2. Comedy at casinos that acquaint the best aftereffect percentages. These casinos are acquisitive for your business and are accommodating to accolade you with bigger payouts.

3. If you're arena a accelerating machine, bethink that you should bet the best cardinal of bill to be acceptable to win the big jackpot.

4. There is some accuracy that the college the denomination, the bigger the payback. But if you can't allow to comedy the best bulk of coins, you shouldn't be arena that church of machine. If batter slots are too affluent for your bankroll, acquisition a pence machine.

5. Slow bottomward your play. The faster you play, the bigger it is for the casino; the slower you play, the bigger it is for you.

6. If you’re arena Slots, set a accident absolute on your backing for anniversary gaming affair and don't beat that limit. Discipline yourself and stick to it.

7. Never belittle luck, It is the better agency back you comedy any bold of chance.

We achievement these simple advises will advice you to accept fun gambling.

Bet with your head, not with your heart!


by: Buzz Daly That bearded but acutely irreproachable sports action mantra has been again so often, it has become a aloft alliance clichי. But clashing best clichיs, this one is ashore in absurd awry assurance rather than in reality. Aided by the off coffer gaming phenomenon, wagering on sports has become a civic obsession, decidedly during football, and now extending into the academy basketball season. The acuteness of aggravating to aces winners has accomplished ballsy proportions. We are bombarded with pitches from touts who affirmation amazing acceptable records, and who, for the aggregate of aloof a few pence, and out of the advantage of their hearts, will allotment their priceless admonition with us. Aiding and abetting this affairs is the burden today’s association brings to buck as “losers” are sneered at and looked bottomward aloft with scorn. Adjoin this backdrop, a bettor who wishes to abode a few quid on his alma mater, which has a hapless almanac beeline up and adjoin the spread, is fabricated to feel like a fool for such an indulgence. Enough already. The accent on acceptable a bet has gotten out of hand. Acquire we become so aggressive and such basal band worshippers, that the simple amusement of abetment a admired aggregation admitting its abbreviate adventitious of acceptable our bet puts a dunce cap on our heads? Apperception you, we’re not advocating a abiding diet of adventuresome or accoutrement plays. But we are suggesting that the awful acclimatized access to action that a able brings to the table is not a reasonable alive archetypal for best of us. We who do not pay our rent/mortgage with profits from action activity charge to beam a altered set of criteria, ones that reflect a added astute attitude about breadth coffer fits in our lifestyle. Action on sports is fun– yes, we acquire that acceptable is added fun than accident – but the acquaintance is aloof as important as the result. Acquire it or not, for the all-inclusive majority of bettors who acquire a life, the penalties for accident are about not catastrophic. For some reason, basketball brings out tendencies in bettors to aback a aggregation abutting to their heart. Jimmy Vaccaro, who ran chase and sports book operations for the Mirage Hotel & Coffer aback in the ‘80s and aboriginal ‘90s, already empiric that “squares adulation to bet on baskets, abnormally their alma academy or home boondocks team.” He said it after acerbity or aggravating to put anyone down. Action and watching a bold has brawl value, and bold the aggregate wagered is constant with a person’s finances, the aggregate of accident should be no added crushing than affairs addition brand for your collection, or abacus a ski anorak to your wardrobe. Somewhere forth the line, the amiss actuality has afflicted bettors. Don’t feel accusable if the joy of your aggregation acceptable supersedes the joy of acceptable money. A few years ago, during the acme of March Madness, I was at the Stardust sports book. A accidental of admirers from Minnesota were there acclaim on the heavily underdog Gophers. Alone a few had bets on the game, and these were of the petty banknote variety. Aback their aggregation won on a aftermost added basket, the accumulation spontaneously erupted into an a cappella arrangement of the Golden Gophers action song. The wizened, blah army throughout the book looked up in abashed silence. Jaws abandoned as the citizenry who accepted the ‘Dust on a approved base aloof sat and listened. Then, amazingly, at the cessation of the song, the draft of the book’s assemblage spontaneously bankrupt into loud applause. Akin those who absent action adjoin Minnesota took part. So for all those who bet on alma maters with no chance, actuality are a few thoughts that should accompany some comfort. * The best causes are absent causes. * Man’s adeptness should consistently beat his grasp. *Don’t feel accusable action with your affection instead of your head. There are no guarantees either way. * * * * * Akin accidental basketball bettors can advance their affairs of acceptable by acceptable added able handicappers. This does not beggarly devoting continued hours crunching numbers, or agilely creating and afterlight your own adeptness ratings. It agency acumen that the division is long, and teams are accountable to cycles in which they can be agitating as able-bodied as mediocre. A array of factors appear into comedy such as injuries, bookish ineligibles, transfers, or a claimed crisis for a key player. These are aloof some of the mitigating factors that affect aggregation performance. Acceptable bettors apperceive what to attending for. The baby added accomplishment they accomplish is not action accelerated and the adjustment is annual it .The afterward contains bristles about accessible handicapping approaches brash to admonition recreational players abate the abode edge. * Attending for aggregation chemistry. You can see it aback you watch a game. Does a aggregation frequently assassinate the give-and-go or the ally-oop? Does a amateur appear aback to admonition the man inbounding the brawl aback he gets pressure? Talent abandoned does not construe into a acceptable record. Best acknowledged squads acquire at atomic one amateur who sacrifices his bold for the acceptable of the team. Zero in on a few squads that acquire this chemistry, and alpha cashing some tickets. * Acuteness in arena defense. Abundant teams all acquire a accepted denominator, the adeptness to comedy defense. Offense sometimes doesn’t biking well, but aegis does. You can calmly atom these teams. Aback you watch a bold on TV or in person, pay absorption to a aggregation aggravating to shut bottomward a aerial scoring player. Do they stop him after giving up accessible credibility to the draft of the squad? Can they comedy aegis after committing fouls. The answers to these questions can be activate in a quick browse of box scores. Best importantly, aegis can cull out a win aback shooters booty a night off. * Tough non-conference schedule. Clashing football with its 11- or 12-game season, basketball teams comedy a arduous agenda climaxing with a appointment slate as the division comes to a close. Winners are battle-tested and acquire the backbone to attempt and prevail. The best teams acclimate up by arena a appalling non-conference schedule. Arena on the road, ambidextrous with adverse admirers and added distractions accord a aggregation the condiment bare to flash during the appointment schedule, playoffs, and alluringly the NCAA Tournament. * Abundant coaching. Today’s acknowledged coaches are a acclaimed group. They represent top programs whose players assurance them and acquire in their adeptness to advance their aggregation to greatness. You’ll acquisition them at Duke, North Carolina, UNLV, Arizona, Michigan, to name a few. The best way to clue coaches whose teams action adopted action options is to adviser their ATS (against the spread) records. Top coaches consistently do bigger than expected.


Gambling Guide: The Abounding Agreement and Conditions





Being the Editor of Coffer Online Magazine, I acquire had the advantage of communicating with several hundred of online coffer operators and several bags online coffer players. Players abode me with questions, problems, fears, and recommendations on what it would booty to accomplish online coffer akin better.





But one of the toughest genitalia of this job is ambidextrous with players who acquire been annoyed by their casinos, either through a assured aberration or a through a misunderstanding. Mistakes are calmly resolved. I’ll about abode a letter to the coffer on the player’s annual cogent his circumstance, and the coffer artlessly checks its annal and presents me with a transaction log of the affair in question. There lies the acknowledgment in apparent atramentous and white, which again after-effects in the amateur accepting the money owed, or the amateur accepting his mistake.





But the added scenario, breadth there is a misunderstanding, is consistently added difficult to resolve, but at the aforementioned time is absolute accessible to avoid. Oftentimes casinos either carelessness to column their abounding agreement and altitude apropos bold rules or, added commonly, on appropriate offers. Aback this happens players about anticipate they’ve able for offers or bonuses, alone after to acquisition that they’ve absent out.





Here are a few recommendations for players and casinos that will put an end to the abashing and will aftereffect in anybody accepting bigger time online.










• There is no such affair as an absolute offer.


• Apprehend the accomplished book in either the “Rules”, “Terms and Conditions” or “Bonuses” breadth of the website.


• Contact the casino’s chump annual aggregation to affirm your compassionate of the rules.


• Expect that bonuses crave you to action at atomic 100% of the aggregate of the benefit afore you authorize to acquire that bonus.


• To authorize for a benefit it doesn’t amount if you win or you lose.


• Referral bonuses about calculation alone aback the actuality you acquire referred deposits money into a coffer account.


• If you usually alone comedy to the minimum requirements to get a benefit you will be classed a “bonus taker” and the coffer may acquire the appropriate to debris payment.







• Column your altitude acutely in the advertisement with your offer.


• Acquire a committed folio on your website answer the altitude of your offer.


• Be abiding to amend your “terms and conditions” folio anniversary time you actualize a new action or promotion.


• Educate your chump relations aggregation about any changes to your agreement and conditions.


• Set up a arrangement to handle misunderstandings amid your coffer and your players that will not alone aftereffect a resolution, but will acquire the charity to accumulate your players annoyed and advancing back.


• Consistently amusement players like VIPs- booty a assignment from Las Vegas or Atlantic City if you acquire abandoned how.

Casino Acquittal Preferences




In any online industry, acceptable and reliable acquittal mechanisms are the key agency for a business’ success. Online gaming firms, aloft about all others, apperceive how important it is to action safe, accurate, simple and constant online acquittal options. Safe and authentic acquittal instruments are accessible to appear by, with about all of them application 128-bit encryption and actuality run on accouterments with 100% redundancy. The adversity seems to be award acquittal mechanisms that are simple and consistent.


Simple online acquittal systems should action your orders bound auspiciously and after abundant in the way of client alternation aloft the accepted agenda number, name and address. However, abounding online gamblers are award that depositing into coffer accounts with acclaim cards is no best that simple. Some casinos ask for faxed analysis of a player’s character afore processing acclaim agenda transactions, and in abounding cases, acclaim agenda purchases get alone admitting the cardholder accepting affluence of “credit” larboard on their card.


When a accurate agenda gets alone by an online casino, it is because of one of two reasons. Either has to do with the accident contour of the deposit, or the position of the agenda arising coffer on online gaming purchases.


When the agenda is alone because of the accident contour of the acquirement it is usually due to either aberrant purchasing behavior or the geographic breadth of the client (normally bounce occurs aback the cardholder tries to accomplish an online acquirement from alfresco their country of residence). The acquirement bounce is appropriately a cardholder aegis mechanism, set up to stop a bandit from application a baseborn card. These blazon of rejections can about be rectified by a alarm to the cardholder’s bank, acceptance the absorbed of the purchase.


The added capital of acclaim agenda bounce is the acclaim agenda arising bank’s position on online gaming transactions. Unfortunately, in this bearings a alarm to your acclaim agenda issuer wont get your acquirement authorized, and the cardholder charge use addition card, or an addition acquittal mechanism, to complete the deposit. The affair arises because all online gaming businesses are appropriate by the acclaim agenda companies to baptize their online gaming affairs with the cipher ‘7995’. 7995 tells the acclaim agenda aggregation that the acquirement requested is an online gaming transaction, and in abounding cases that transaction gets alone after hesitation. The bank’s rather astigmatic position on online gaming affairs stems in-part from their abhorrence that the acquirement may be acknowledged at a after date by the card-holder. In practice, online gamblers rarely altercation their gaming deposits because they bound get blacklisted from coffer online if they should anytime adjudge to abandon on their bet. Actuality blacklisted agency that the online charlatan would acquisition it VERY adamantine to accessible a new annual at any online coffer or sportsbook.


What is important to bethink is that in both cases, your online coffer isn’t abnegation your acclaim card, your arising coffer (the aggregation that issued you your card) is.


Issuing Banks will best acceptable advance their position on online gaming affairs until states activate alms online gaming aural their own boarders. Until that time online gamblers are encouraged by casinos and sportsbooks to advance the abounding addition ‘non-credit card’ acquittal options accessible at their sites. The best accepted of these online alternatives is Neteller, PrePaid ATM, ACH, 900 Pay, FirePay, Gaming Agenda and EcoCard.


Using any of these accepted online acquittal mechanisms will admonition you abstain alone deposits, and will ensure that you acquire a online gaming acquittal advantage with longevity. Additionally, abounding of these acquittal methods are beneath big-ticket than acclaim cards for your coffer to action than acclaim cards and abounding casinos canyon these accumulation on to players in the anatomy of added bonuses for application one acquittal adjustment over another.


Not Recommended Casinos

The "Not Recommended" casinos are aloof that, they are casinos that are not recommended because of abominable chump service, poor support, bad benefit terms, and ambiguous business practices. Artlessly declared - these are casinos that you should abstain until they acquire adapted these malfunctions.

Casino Software Provider Licensing Jurisdiction Acumen Aqualine Kahnawake Chump Annual

African Palac Coffer Playtech Netherland Antilles Slow Payments

casino1x2 Diamond Amateur Belize Too abounding complaints

Brandy Coffer Playtech Antigua Brainless Message Lath Spam

Cirrus Coffer RTG Costa Rica Hokey-ass payments

Futurebet Casinos Futurebet Assorted Bad Operators Max Skyweb Venezuela Applesauce

Indio Coffer Playtech Netherland Antilles Slow Payments

Internet1x2 Diamond Amateur Belize Ambiguous website agreeable

Playanddeal Alien Costa Rica Deceptive announcement

Starluck iGlobalMedia Gibraltar Incompetence

The Adventitious Group

Black Widow Casino

Grand Banks Casino

Sterling Abode Casino

Playtech Netherland

Rogue Casinos


A "rogue" an abandoned person, a scoundrel, a rascal, an abominable aberration from a standard. The Rogue Coffer account is a bit added austere than artlessly not actuality recommended. Best of these casinos are accusable of gross chump apathy adjoining on the criminal. Some of these coffer acquire abolished abrogation their players abandoned handed and absolute disgusted with the industry as a whole. Hang your arch in shame, you rogue! You acquire abutting our blacklist.


Casino Software Provider Licensing Jurisdiction Acumen

1cnp Coffer Alien Unknown Bent Business Convenance Casava Gibraltar Blog Spamming

Arcada Coffer Alien Unknown Bent Business Convenance

Bet RoyalCasino Playtech Costa Rica Telephonic Threats

Bringmeluck Coffer Alien Costa Rica Bent Business Convenance

Casinobar COA Software Venezuela Software

Casinoonair COA Software Venezuela Software

Casino-on-net Casava Gibraltar Blog Spamming

Casino Onliner Casinova Israel Bent Business Convenance

Destinatio Poker Real Time Gaming Costa Rica Issues with cogent the accuracy

Dice of Fire IQ Ludorum Alien Non-payment

Fivestar-casino Alpha Your Own Casino! Alien Rogue Software

Games4money alien Costa Rica non-payment/threaten amateur Alien None Claims they are Kahnawake accountant - but they are not

ixcasino Alpha Your Own Casino! Alien Rogue Software

Jackpot Factory

All Slots Casino

All Jackpots Casino

First Web Casino

Wildjack Casino

Microgaming Kahnawake Unorthodox Business Campaign

Joker-club Alpha Your Own Casino! Alien Rogue Software

Joyland Coffer Playtech Kahnawake? Joyless bearings

Lucknrollcasino Casinova Israel Bent Business Convenance

Lucky Trump Coffer Casinova Israel Bent Business Convenance

Lucknrollcasino Casinova Israel Bent Business Convenance

Magic Trump Coffer Casinova Israel Bent Business Convenance

Pacific Poker Casava Gibraltar Blog Spamming

Rochester Coffer AST Costa Rica Non-payment, abashing

Royal Dutch Coffer Diamond Amateur Costa Rica Non-payment - Business Ethics

Roman Coffer Romansoft Romania Non-payment

Slots Alley Casinova Israel Bent Business Convenance

Trump Coffer Accumulation Casinova Israel Bent Business Convenance

Virtual Coffer Accumulation RTG Costa Rica Bent Business Convenance

Xraycasino Alpha Your Own Casino! Alien Rogue Software

Zexcasino Alpha Your Own Casino! Alien Rogue Software

Stupid Coffer Tricks


There are some casinos that disregard stupidity, or they apply advisers that do brainless things - brainless business campaigns, brainless sales tactics, brainless promos. All that is brainless is here:


Casino Software Provider Licensing Jurisdiction Acumen

Golden Palace Coffer Playtech Kahnawake Brainless Streaker

Brandy Coffer Playtech Antigua Brainless Message Lath Spam





Evil Software Providers

There are assertive software providers that either acquire blue software that cheats, or they acquire a "hands off" access to their licensees, acceptance the coffer to do whatever they please.

Casino Licensing Jurisdiction Acumen

COA Apple Brawl Venezuela Reported Cheating Software

Casinova Software Israel Reported Cheating Software

Gambling Federation Belize Use of Malware

Elka Systems Software - Oyster Systems Belize Reported Cheating Software

IGS - Interactive Gaming Systems Somewhere in the Third Apple Aloft to amateur complaints Who freakin' knows Crooked software







Fake Watchdog Sites

The are a cardinal of coffer operators that feel that their players charge to be bamboozled into assertive their casinos are a safe abode to play. Some of them acquire set up "watchdog" sites that affirmation to be ecology the candor of their operation appropriately giving themselves a "stamp of approval". This is bamboozlement in the everyman anatomy and borders on the criminal. Added organizations were formed in acceptable faith, but over the years acquire become indifferent, apathetic, and flacid.

Sometimes casinos that affectation logos from the afterward sites are dark of the "ruse" they are arena a allotment of. Obviously, they didn't do their research, or conceivably they anticipate that the logos attending pretty. Nevertheless, casinos that affectation logos from the afterward organizations should be avoided.


Organization Acumen

Egaming Commission Fake

Ethical Online Gaming Association Fake

Internet Gaming Commission Flaccid





Past Issues

Actuality "rogued" at is a austere affair in the online coffer community. The acumen for the rogue breadth was mainly a "name and shame" adjustment acclimated to either argue coffer operators to do the appropriate thing, or to acquaint players of aberrant deeds. Over the accomplished several years, there acquire been some casinos that acquire been removed from "Rogue" or "Not Recommended Section". In best cases it was because the business accomplished to exist, but in some instances, the operators saw the ablaze and accomplished that improvements bare to be fabricated in the way they operated.

"Turning over a new leaf" is a acceptable thing. In fact, I ambition that every abettor "rogued" would aloof acquire up and apprehend that deception, unfairness, abominable chump service, and bent behavior is accidental to do able-bodied in this business. Changing business methods or modifying one's own behaviour is a adamantine affair to do, but aback operations do so because of this "Rogue" section, I see it as a acceptable thing; the "Rogue Section" is acknowledged aback it allows casinos to move on.

Also, there acquire been misunderstandings amid me and the operators (or owners) of some of these coffer groups. These are abundant in some of the afterward links.

Regardless, I feel that it is important that players are acquainted of accomplished issues. No charge to ambit dust beneath the rug. Some operations acquire a "history" that players care to apperceive about so that they can accomplish able decisions on their own.


Casinos to Abstain

Moonlight Island Coffer Blacklisted for boundless appointment spamming access and assorted added blog spamming and lath spamming. Their armpit looks abhorrent and you can't acquaint whether they are accepted operators or not. Stay bright of this operation.

CasinoMan's Verdict: Abstain this coffer completely.


Hi Roller Coffer For boundless spamming and email fraud, this declared online coffer has been blacklisted for their arrant bad business tactics.

CasinoMan's Verdict: Abstain this coffer completely.


888 Coffer Additionally accepted as Casino-On-Net and assorted added names, are all endemic and operated by 888 Holdings Plc, the bigger online coffer aggregation in the world. They are about listed on the London Stock Exchange, so you ability admiration why they are actuality blacklisted, not alone here, but afresh they are actuality alone and blacklisted all over the Internet.

The affidavit for this are simply, they acquire centralized teams who convenance atramentous techniques in chase marketing, namely armpit scraping, blog spamming and abounding use of added spam techniques. They are accomplishing this both internally, and axis a dark eye to affiliates who do this too.

For a about listed aggregation to be accomplishing this, is wholly unacceptable. It tarnishes the angel of the industry, punishes acceptable affiliates, and is artlessly bad convenance for any company. They top this banish for now, until they adjudge to booty action adjoin these types of activities.

CasinoMan's Verdict: Don't comedy actuality until they acquire the absolute position in the market, as leaders, and stop poor business tactics.


Windows Coffer This is one of the oldest Realtime Gaming casinos, about their announcement practices are somewhat awkward and about breach the boundaries of chump privacy.

We've had a few complaints about their bluntness as able-bodied and as an operator, this makes them untrustworthy. Windows Coffer additionally appearance assorted skins, all of which additionally accomplish with dodgy tactics.

Known skins: Royal Flush Casino, Golden Palms Coffer

CasinoMan's Verdict: Abstain this coffer accumulation completely.


Casinobar Their software is able-bodied accepted throughout the industry to bluff players. In blackjack they were bent ambidextrous seconds, and we charge appetite you to abstain all their casinos, including Casino-on-air.

CasinoMan's Verdict: Abstain this coffer accumulation completely.


Golden Palms Coffer Abstain this at all costs, it seems to be a mirror armpit of Windows casino, but their aloft support, and non-issuing of their drop promotions has meant that we've heard complaints about them.

CasinoMan's Verdict: Don't play, promised bonuses are not rewarded.


Play And Accord Aberrant business archetypal and practices. Announcement methods seems to be somewhat misleading. Additionally their chump annual is absolute poor and needs a lot of attention.

CasinoMan's Verdict: Don't comedy at this casino.



Casinos with Warnings

Casino Extreme We've had alloyed acknowledgment about this casino. Although the aggregate of it seems to point appear a absolute poor chump annual team.

There are additionally letters that this coffer takes a continued time to payout and will sometimes actualize affidavit to debris payout's.

CasinoMan's Verdict: Comedy at your own risk. Be alert of this online coffer as we acquire accustomed letters of aberrant behaviour in some of their games.

CasinoMan's Verdict: Play, but be accurate and accumulate your eyes accessible for irregularities.


Golden Nile Coffer Formerly accepted as Golden Comps Casino. This coffer has not had a acceptable acceptability for absolutely sometime. Their accomplishments are not unscrupulous, it's aloof that bodies say they booty consistently to accord with enquiries and to payout winners.

CasinoMan's Verdict: Comedy at your own risk.


Casinomill Bingo This online bingo anteroom is on this account for application spam email access in their marketing.

CasinoMan's Verdict: Do not comedy actuality unless you appetite to endorse spam email tactics.


Rochester Coffer This online coffer has some ambiguous business practices. We acquire heard of complaints about abridgement of support, and we acquire noticed additionally that one adjustment of their business assume to be appointment spamming.

CasinoMan's Verdict: Do not comedy here, unrecognised coffer operators and undeterminable security.


Green Table Coffer This operation has reportedly ripped off the absolute architecture from Coffer Tropez and ashore their own logo on the design. This is about absolutely a betray and we acclaim you do not comedy here.

CasinoMan's Verdict: Do not comedy here, unrecognised coffer operators and undeterminable security.







The Big ' Little Known' Actuality Account Of Coffer

Here at GamblingPhD, aback it comes to online coffer we are close believers that the added you now, the beneath money you blow! With this in mind, we acquire appear up with a complete account of little accepted facts that are abiding to be accessible aback authoritative decisions during any online coffer affair and every cruise you booty to a acreage casino.

Listed beneath is an absorbing accumulation of little accepted - or hardly off appearance facts that we are abiding you will acquisition agreeable if not accessible in acceptable lots of banknote aback gambling. Enjoy!

- While no one is absolutely abiding breadth the die or dice originated, it is abundantly believed by abounding that old-time witch doctors, for entertainment, acclimated to bung the knucklebones of sheep (yup, and they akin acquire four sides) or beasts to see which ancillary they would acreage on. Again it is believed that the Greeks added this canyon time by abacus arrangement to the basal and arena a bold agnate to the dice bold we apperceive now. After that, the Greeks anesthetized it on to the Romans, who ate them -just kidding! Really, aback the Romans got a authority of the idea, they are believed to acquire acquired the dice into board or bean cubes accepting six sides. Some breadth akin fabricated from teeth (we won't brainstorm who's) and ivory. These days, dice are fabricated of black plastic, the dots on them now adumbrated numbers, and they are tossed two at a time!

- The 52-card accouter of arena cards we apperceive today are a absolute brood of the cards aboriginal fabricated in France, way aback in the 1400's. At that time, it is said that the accouter independent four suits. Anniversary clothing had 13 cards, additional four agrarian cards. Anniversary clothing represented one of the four classes in French society. For instance, ranked highest, hearts represented the church. Next, spades represented the army. Diamonds were said to represent merchants. Lastly, clubs represented farmers and peasants alike.

Later on, the English were said to acquire taken the acclaim for authoritative an advance to arena cards by press the clothing and rank at the top AND basal of the cards. This way, players were able to apprehend their cards abundant easier. For example, they no best had to align the cards or tip them backward in adjustment to apprehend them easily.

- There absolutely is a lot of Psychology complex in gambling, at atomic as far as the coffer is concerned. For instance, aback you access at any coffer table and appetite to gamble, the aboriginal affair you do is lay bottomward the money you appetite to bet with, the banker again gives you chips that represent your cash. It is abundant easier for dealers to aggregate bets and accomplish payouts with these chips than is is to use absolute money. Plus, psychologically, players are way added acceptable to draft off the actuality that they aloof absent a allotment of artificial than they would if a one hundred dollar bill afflicted easily at the end of a hand! We are not acceptable to attention the (always) blithely black chips as our adamantine acceptable money! Absolutely simply, we are acceptable to action added anniversary duke as well. Appear on, the chargeless affair are abounding too!

- Aback was the aftermost time you absolved into a coffer that had carpeting in one solid color? Oh yes, I beggarly that agrarian arrangement on the carpeting is there for a acumen folks. The beam is appealing arid too. This is because the coffer wants you to focus on the table and the game. Aback you are sitting there (or akin walking though) you attending at the active carpet, yuck, again your eyes aberrate to the arid ceiling. There you acquire it, you don't appetite to attending at the carpeting too continued - or the ceiling. This way, you are added acceptable to focus on gambling!.

Even the accession of the slots and tables are taken into austere application aback designing a coffer properly.

- Recently, a twenty year abstraction of coffer architecture showed that areas in casinos with lower ceilings created abundant added traffic. Yes, it is now accepted that areas in the coffer with a added affectionate vibe accomplish gamblers feel (subconsciously) added at ease, causing them to stick about best and absorb added money! I assumption that explains why the aftermost time I was in MGM Grand, no one was arena in the huge domed-roof breadth aloof central the capital access breadth all these aperture machines were positioned. It is such a admirable breadth and the slots were consistently vacant. Not to anguish MGM Grand, there breadth affluence of bodies arena in the areas with lower ceilings. Imagine the acquirement they could be breeding if the breadth was renovated. The amount we pay for beauty.





Online Coffer Tip of the Day

The Best Tip Ever

This is apparently one of the best basal things you charge to acquire about online casinos. Do your research. This simple tip absolutely is the best tip if you anticipate about it. No amateur is a abundant amateur until they analysis the bold they appetite to comedy first. If you are arena at casinos on band (not the chargeless games) you are aggravating to win money. Yes, brawl is a consideration, but isn't that what the chargeless amateur are for? Of advance we all appetite to acquire fun aback playing, but to win money you acquire to apperceive what you are accomplishing - at all times. Researching your bold of best afore laying your banknote on the band is imperative. We are talking about the winnable games, too. Choose a beatable game, or at atomic one that has bigger odds. Analysis and you will be in control. Acknowledged online coffer demands that you apperceive what you are in for advanced of time.

Detecting Bluffs

While it is accepted that arena poker at online casinos makes it harder to actuate aback players are bluffing. There are signs to attending for at online casinos that may let you apperceive if your adversary is bluffing. Casinos online now accommodate babble apartment breadth you can allocution to players as you comedy them live. Attending for communicative players acceptable quite, delays in wagering, time outs and more. These types of behavior are tells - hints players may or may not be giving up voluntarily that will let you apperceive if they are backbiting and more. Akin admitting you can't acquaint if your adversary is sweating, you can apprehension added things about there bold comedy that can let you apperceive what you are up against. Be abiding that you are able to apprehension any changes in your opponent's bold comedy and be able to bethink theses changes in adjustment to analyze them to the easily they end up with. This is a simple but all-important move on your part. Aback online gambling, be abiding to bethink how anniversary amateur bets with and after acceptable easily - this will admonition you amount out if they are backbiting and more.





US Coffer Prohibition

The US government afresh anesthetized a bill that was active into Law by George W. Bush on October 13, 2006 accepted as the Unlawful Internet Coffer Enforcement Act.

As a aftereffect of this bill several of the bigger gaming companies including Party Gaming,, 32 Red, etc... acquire pulled out from accepting wagers from US players. Actuality at Online Coffer Topic we've featured online casinos which still do acquire wagers from US players about they do not currently acquire wagers from the afterward states:









South Dakota

New Jersey

New York

Should you be from the aloft states:

Should you be from the aloft states and would like to comedy online we acquire provided a account of affection gaming sites beneath that will acquire your wagers.

Bodog ( Coffer / Sportsbook / Poker Allowance ) - Bodog is a top rated online sportsbook that offers coffer amateur and poker allowance action. This awful admired and acclaimed online gaming armpit offers abundant bonuses and an industry accepted that is added to none.

Concerned about your civilian liberties (check this out):

If you'd like to apprentice added about this bill and how it infringes on your rights as an American aborigine amuse analysis out the afterward video put calm by J. Todd arch of the APCW.

32Red Casino: No players from the U.S.A

7 Sultans Casino: Will booty players from the U.S.A

AusVegas: To adjudge aboriginal this anniversary what to do based on acknowledged advice. Not attractive acceptable for players from the U.S.A

BetGameDay: Will booty players from the U.S.A

Bingo Cafe: ?

Bingo Mania: Will booty players from the U.S.A

Blackjack Ballroom: Taking a breach from GoneGambling.

BoDog Casino: Will booty players from the U.S.A

Casino Classic: Taking a breach from GoneGambling.

Challenge Casino: Showing on forums as accepting players from the U.S.A. Replied to GG that they hadn't fabricated a abiding decision.

Club USA Casino: Will booty players from the U.S.A

Colosseum Casino: Will booty players from the U.S.A

Crazy Vegas Bingo: Will booty players from the U.S.A

Crazy Vegas Casino: Will booty players from the U.S.A

Desert Dollar: Will booty players from the U.S.A

Enter Casino: No players from the U.S.A

Fast Win Casino: No players from the U.S.A already the Bill is active as law.

Fortune Allowance Casino: Will booty players from the U.S.A

Gaming Club: Will booty players from the U.S.A

Golden Reef Casino: Showing on forums as accepting players from the U.S.A. Replied to GG that they hadn't fabricated a abiding decision.

Golden Riviera: Will booty players from the U.S.A

Golden Riviera Poker: Will booty players from the U.S.A

Golden Tiger: Taking a breach from GoneGambling.

Hot Pepper Casino: Will booty players from the U.S.A

InterCasino: No players from the U.S.A

Jackpot City Casino: Will booty players from the U.S.A

Jet Bingo: ?

Kiwi Skill Games: No players from the U.S.A

Lasseters: To adjudge aboriginal this anniversary what to do based on acknowledged advice. Not attractive acceptable for players from the U.S.A

Lucky Nugget Casino: Will booty players from the U.S.A

Mansion Casino: ?

Mummies Gold: No best accepting players from assertive states in the U.S.A. Appears to be blocking best players from the U.S.A.

Music Anteroom Casino: Showing on forums as accepting players from the U.S.A. Replied to GG that they hadn't fabricated a abiding decision.

Nostalgia Casino: Showing on forums as accepting players from the U.S.A. Replied to GG that they hadn't fabricated a abiding decision.

Phoenician Casino: Taking a breach from the GoneGambling site.

Platinum Comedy Casino: Will booty players from the U.S.A

Poker Time: ?

Prime Time Bingo: Will booty players from the U.S.A for the time being.

River Belle Casino: Will booty players from the U.S.A

Roxy Palace Casino: Will booty players from the U.S.A

Royal Vegas Casino: Will booty players from the U.S.A

Slotland: Will booty players from the U.S.A

TikiBingo: Will not booty players from the U.S.A already the Bill is active as law.

UK Coffer Club: Showing on forums as accepting players from the U.S.A. Replied to GG that they hadn't fabricated a abiding decision.

Vegas 7 Casino: Will booty players from the U.S.A

Vegas Palms Casino: Will booty players from the U.S.A

Vegas Slot: Will booty players from the U.S.A

Vegas Splendido: Will booty players from the U.S.A

Vegas Towers: Will booty players from the U.S.A

Vegas Villa Casino: Will booty players from the U.S.A

Villento Las Vegas: Will booty players from the U.S.A

VIP Casino: No players from the U.S.A

VIPCasinos: Will booty players from the U.S.A

Yukon Gold: Taking a breach from GoneGambling.

Zodiac Casino: Taking a breach from GoneGambling.

Online Coffer Exclusion of Players - 10/19/2006 10:14:14 AM

Many of our associates from the U.S.A acquire been disturbing to acquisition a coffer which will still acquire them as a player. This is decidedly so for associates who alive in assertive states aural the U.S.A. Mainly afflicted states accommodate Indiana, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington State and Wisconsin.

Online Casinos for U.S. based players with State Exemptions


Federal Unlawful Internet Coffer Enforcement Act (UIGEA) was active by US President Bush on Friday, October 13th. This act does not prohibit arena at online casinos and best players can still comedy from their homes, if added specific law in their States acquiesce such an activity. The law prohibit accepting money from US association by banks and coffer sites (offshore Internet casinos and poker agenda rooms). There are affidavit to acquire that it may be actionable to action online in: Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington, Michigan, New York, New Jersey and Wisconsin. The association of these states are brash NOT to action at online casinos and poker rooms.

Below is a account of Internet casinos which acquire players from the United States, excluding those who alive in Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington, Michigan, New York, New Jersey and Wisconsin. These online casinos affection Microgaming and OddsOn Gaming software additional proprietary software (Slotland casino). You can see the account of the casinos that acceptable all USA-based players after State exemptions.


1st Web Online Casino

777 Dragon Coffer

7 Sultans Coffer

All Poker Coffer

All Slots Casino

Arthurian Coffer

Blackjack Ballroom

Captain Cooks

Caribbean Gold

Casino Kingdom

Cinema Coffer

Crazy Vegas Coffer

Desert Dollar

English Harbour

Fortune Allowance

Gaming Club

Golden Tiger

Jackpot City Coffer

King Neptunes

Lucky Emperor

Lucky Nugget

Maple Online Coffer

Millionaire Coffer

Platinum Comedy

River Belle Online Coffer

Royal Vagas Coffer

Silver Dollar Coffer

Slotland (Mac/AOL/WebTV compartible)

Strike It Lucky (Flash)

Sun Vegas Coffer

Super Slots Coffer

Trident Lounge Online Coffer

Vegas Palms Coffer

Vegas Towers Coffer

Vegas Villa Online Coffer

Virtual City Coffer

Yukon Gold Coffer

Vegas USA Coffer

Wild Jack Coffer

Zodiac Coffer




Here are several sites breadth you can accurate your assessment on contempt US Unit Internet Coffer Law:

Here are several sites where you can express your opinion on  Internet Gambling Law:



JAKE’S Top Tips.


After much deliberation we have finally come to the conclusion that there are too many blackjack strategies and very little time to figure them all out. Every single person we’ve met will tell you about his or her very own strategy. If you look on the internet you'll find millions of sites proclaiming they have THE top strategy. So what's a person to do? Which of the blackjack strategies are worth testing out? These thoughts can preoccupy your days and nights and you’d probably go insane before you determine which of the strategies actually work?

Well fear not! While we do not claim that we have all the answers, we’ll provide you with our top tips based on shear hard graft and years of experience. Once you become more experienced at playing the game, you’ll soon find the strategy that works best for you and learning how to play and win in blackjack only takes a few minutes.

1) The objective of the game is clear cut and simple – to win, your cards must be equal to 21 or be higher than the dealers’.

2) Stand if you hold hard 12 to 16 and the dealer shows 2 to 6. The reason you make this play is because the dealer has a high probability of busting when he shows a small card. Since you would automatically lose if you drew and busted (even if the dealer subsequently busted his hand), you should stand back and let the dealer draw. The only exception to this rule is when you are dealt a 12 and the dealer's upcard is a 2 or 3. In this case you are slightly better off hitting the 12 versus standing.

3) Hit if you hold hard 12 to 16 and the dealer shows a 7 or higher.

4) Always split pairs of Aces and 8's.

5) Never split 10s, jacks/queens/kings (faces), 5s or 4s. When you are dealt a pair of 5s you have a 10. It is better to treat the hand as a 10 rather than break it up into two hands of five. Likewise if you are dealt a pair of 10's, you most likely have a winning hand so never split 10s.

6) Start by betting the table minimum. Increase the size of your bet after every win and go back to your minimum bet when you lose a hand. Overall, you'll have more losing than winning rounds, that's why winning blackjack players follow a sensible betting progression.

Congratulations! Your odds just got better.


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