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index:For the Advanced Player;Insurance in Gambling?;How to Play Slots;How to Play Roulette;How to Play Video Poker;How to Play Baccarat;How to Play Craps;Hacking Online Poker;Slots Tips;Gambling Tip #1: Know thy Casino!

Gamblers' Tips

  • Play for the sake of playing, that way you'll always come out a winner. Enjoy!
  • Never make decisions based on how much money you have already won or lost.
  • Block out outside factors. Always make a decision based on sound principles. Long shots do sometimes come in but they are long shots for a reason.
  • Never be afraid to fold or stop. Better to lose a little than a lot.
  • Have a number in mind which will see you stop gambling when you reach it.
  • Have a game plan and strategy in mind when you sit down to play.
  • Try to stay focused and calm. Small hiccups do happen but let them stay as that.
  • Do your gambling homework: Know that game rules change from casino to casino and find out which rules the casino you're playing in is using.
  • Think you've learned a tried and tested betting system? Don't be fooled - you haven't. Betting systems have never and will never work.
  • Don't get angry if you lose! Set a losing limit so you never lose huge and consider the lost cash the price you paid for a day of pleasure and entertainment.
  • Everyone is a beginner at some point. Don't be afraid to ask the dealer questions or advice.
  • Those with the best luck usually know the games really well! Nobody starts off as a professional but make sure you know a game's basic rules before you start betting.
  • Friends don't let friends drink and gamble! There's a reason why casinos give out free booze, you need a clear head to win the games. So the more you drink, the more the casino wins!
  • Be aware of advertisements. Many casinos promote themselves with 'Our Slots pay 97% payback.' Most of these great payback slots can be found in back out of the way areas. The slots at the front and center don't usually pay that high so find out if you're playing at the machines you want to be.
  • Remember that beginner's luck is just that – luck. Beginner's luck won't last forever so make sure you know the game strategy and knowledge to fall back on when the first run of luck stops.
  • Be nice and polite to the other gamblers. You won't be alone at a casino and what you do will influence the other players' gambling pleasure. Rude gestures at dealers, swearing at slot machines, being crude to cocktail waitresses are just a few examples of inappropriate casino behavior. Etiquette – it's not just for table manners anymore.
  • Even if you're not a superstitious gambler, you should keep in mind that keeping good casino karma is important. Don't forget to tip!

For the Advanced Player

A bit of the game’s terminology so that you can feel more comfortable at the table

To hit means to take another card from the dealer

If you want to stay with your card value and match that against the dealer’s, you opt to stand.

Doubling your wager and taking exactly one more card and standing is what’s called doubling down.

On the condition that you were dealt two cards with the same value, you have the option of splitting.  This means that you double your wager and have each card be the first card in a new hand.

A surrender, where the player forfeits half the bet and gives up the hand, is no longer available at most casinos.

Of the dealer’s initial hand of two cards, the one that is turned down and concealed from the rest of the players is the hole card.

Another name for the two-card hand of 21 (“blackjack”) is a natural.

Both player and dealer showing the same hand value at the end of play is called a push, and in such a case neither one wins the hand. 

A Soft hand is one in which the player's ace card can be given an 11 value without going over 21.  It is always possible to draw another card on a soft hand without busting.

Insurance in Gambling?

Yes, even in gambling there is the opportunity of purchasing insurance.  This, as would be expected in gambling, carries with it a risk just as well.  Taking insurance is possible when the dealer’s top card shows an Ace.  An insurance bet can be in the sum of up to half of the player’s original bet and must be placed before the dealer checks his hole card.  So, what is it?  Placing this type of bet (in addition to your original bet) means that you are expecting the dealer’s hole card to be a 10-value card (10, Jack, Queen, or King).  Insurance also plays a part in "card counting" (see next section), where a player believes he has a better chance to correctly predict a 10.

How to Play Slots

By far, slots are the easiest casino games to learn and win at. It's no wonder that they are popular throughout the world. There are literally thousands of versions, styles, and themes of slot machines across the globe and even online, on the world wide web.

Despite the enormous variety, the main objective of every slot machine game is to beat the machine and win money by receiving a winning combination of cards, symbols or whatever objects that particular game is using. Almost all slots games have their different winning combinations posted on the machine itself.

Before you begin playing casino slots, find out if the casino where you are has a player card program. For every game of slots you play, once you are a member of the players' club, you will receive comp points, which can be redeemed for various gifts from the casino. Casinos give away everything from discounts on meals to free hotel rooms for the weekend. The gifts and amounts vary from casino to casino and also depend on how much you play.

Once you’ve completed this preliminary check up, playing the game couldn’t be any simpler.  Since slots is truly a game that your fortune lies on a payout mechanism inside the machine, all that’s left for you to do is to pull the lever, watch those drums spin, and try to get into the therapeutic flow that so many others experience once selecting their machine.

How to Play Roulette

Roulette is one of the simplest casino games to learn. It's fun, easy to learn, and has great payouts so its no wonder that roulette is one of the most popular games around the globe. It is important to remember, though, that there are two different versions of the game so make sure you know which version you are playing at a casino because the odds and payouts will differ.

A lot of noise around the casino’s roulette table.  Be it from the spinning wheel and the bouncing ball inside of it, hopping in and out of the players’ temporary fortunes before finding a brief rest in one of the wheel’s pockets, or from the eyes of the spectators’ eyes moving back and forth, tennis-style, between the flying chips and the real ‘wheel of fortune’.

As mentioned already, Roulette has gone global and crossed continents.  What do we mean by that?  The game knows no international conflict and has adopted styles of play from both American and European influences.  The roulette wheel (the same one used in so many metaphors) has the same number and classification of pockets on it as those on the table.  In the European version there are pockets for numbers 1 through 37 (that is, 37 possibilities).  The American version includes the double zero (00) to make it 38 possible selections for the player. 

The setting may look like a messy pool table with a wheel that doesn’t belong to the scene, but the game is in fact simple and enjoyable.  Bear with the initial feeling of disorder and the experience will prove to be quite exciting.  Begin by observing that the colored numbers (be it 37 or 38 of them) on the table correspond to those on the wheel.  This wheel will be in motion for the majority of the game and it is where most of the drama takes place.  When the wheel is spun, an ivory ball is thrown against its direction and the crowd waits to see in which pocket it will fall and by that declare a win.  Until the croupier (or dealer) declares "no more bets", anyone and everyone is welcomed to place their bets on the table in whichever quantity and/or method (see next section) they choose and speculate the ball’s final destination.   The winners will be those who correctly predicted the ball’s landings through specific parameters (number, color, odd/even) and will be paid according to the odds within which they placed their bets.  All other chips will be swept away to make room on the table for the next spin of the wheel.

How to Play Video Poker

Video poker machines made their entrance into the casinos around the 1970's and their popularity has been increasing ever since. Today, video poker is the most popular form of slot machine gambling and new versions of video poker machines are being created every year. The basic objective of all the machines remains the same, though.

To win at video poker, a player must simply beat the machine with a winning hand. First, choose your poker game. Decide the amount of coins you want to enter into the machine; almost all video poker machines are coin operated devices.  You are permitted to bet between one and five coins.  The height of the winnings will be in accordance to the amount you decided to wager.  The machine will show the amount of credits you have entered.  Most serious gamblers recommend always playing the maximum amount of credits. The height of the winnings will be in accordance to the wager you opted to place.

Once you choose your betting limit, the machine will deal you five cards. You will have the option of saving or getting rid of certain cards. Keeping the good cards and get rid of the bad ones is the best strategy for video poker. Most machines will show the hand rankings but, generally, the order- from highest to lowest, is as follows; royal flush, five of a kind, straight flush, four of a kind, full house, flush, straight, three of a kind, two pair, and, lastly, one pair. This order may vary slightly between games.

How to Play Baccarat

Considered the simplest of all casino table games, baccarat is very similar in game play to its casino neighbor blackjack. There are three different versions of baccarat. The most commonly played, today, is punt blanco, otherwise known as North American Baccarat. Mini-baccarat, the most popular version at casinos around the world currently, is a form of punto blanco. It has actually become difficult to find casinos that offer regular versions of baccarat today, at almost all casinos around the world the only version offered is mini-baccarat.

The main difference between baccarat and mini-baccarat is the minimum betting limit. At casinos that offer regular baccarat the minimum betting limit normally starts at $100 or even more, whereas the minimum betting at mini-baccarat normally begins around $5. The rules and the low house edge remain exactly the same, however. The game play is also significantly faster at mini-baccarat.

The main objective in baccarat is to have a hand as close to 9 as possible. Players must first choose the amount that they wish to bet on that hand and then select which betting option they would like to wager on. A player has three different possible betting options; player, dealer or tie.

A player selection bet is a wager that the player will have the higher hand, a dealer selection bet is a wager that the dealer will have a higher hand, and a tie is a wager that the dealer and player will have a tie – equal – hand value

How to Play Craps

The apparently complex table and the vast amount of betting options can be scary for craps beginners. Luckily, the table layout and betting options may appear scary but are actually quite simple to learn. Fundamentally, craps is a game of rounds. There are just two rounds in every game. The first round is called the Come Out round, the second is called the Point round.

The hardest task for beginning craps players to learn is not the rules, but mainly the terms surrounding the game. The most intimidating factor after getting up the nerve to approach the loud, boisterous craps tables is the fact the players seem to be speaking some type of foreign language – there are so many unusual words being thrown around. This makes it important for players to learn 'craps slang' after learning the rules so you'll be able to understand, and even speak, the craps lingo.

In the two different craps rounds, there is only one basic bet.

The main objective in the Come Out round is for the shooter – the person throwing the dice – to roll a 7 or an 11. These numbers are an automatic win the first round of the game. If the shooter rolls a 2, 3, or a 12 then that roll is an automatic loss. The numbers 2, 3, and 12 are called craps. If any other number is rolled in the first round – 1, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 – it will become the Point and the game will progress to the second round.

Hacking Online Poker



Hacking Online Poker is largely a myth. There is only one ever recorded case of it happening. . This specific case involves taking advantage of a flaw in a random number generation code. This has been fixed by specific verification of their RNG's (random number generator).


Hacking just cannot happen -- at least not from the outside. Why? Well any semi-legitimate online poker company employs 128bit encryption. Such as digital certificates from companies like THAWTE. The value of these certificates is that the client side program (say partypoker client) connects on a secure level to their server - therefore it is encrypted on your computer and decrypted on the server side. Making it nearly impossible to hack, the server that is.


Hacking the client is something that happens quite frequently.

Hacking Images:

For instance, you can open your poker directory.

c:\program files\poker client\images\

and you could open all those images and modify them. The new images would appear on your client only.

Example: modify table.jpg to add a pot odds chart instead of blank table felt.


Another way to hack the client is to "Hex-Edit" it. Goto search for the programs by the name of "Hex Edit" and download one. Then use this program to open the client example "pokerclient.exe" . And you can view alot of information programmed into the client.

For the most part this is just an interesting way to look at how the program runs. However, in the past its been used to modify a couple interesting things such as registering banned names on that poker client. Such as "POKERCLIENT SUPPORT" or "ASSHOLEPLAYER" , etc.




Old Method, New Target

Phishing is one of the oldest known methods of scamming people on the Internet. However, it is relatively new to online poker.

What is Phishing?
Phishing attacks use 'spoofed' e-mails and fraudulent websites designed to fool recipients into divulging personal financial data such as credit card numbers, account usernames and passwords, social security numbers, etc. By hijacking the trusted brands of well-known banks, online retailers and credit card companies, phishers are able to convince up to 5% of recipients to respond to them. (from

Bearing On Online Poker

Recently people have been victim to this form of fraud with their online poker accounts. What happens is that they get an e-mail that looks like this :


Subject: IMPORTANT Need Account Info


Regarding your recent cash-out. PartyPoker needs to verify your account information. If you do not fill out this required information you will not get a cash-out. Click here immediately.


Party Poker Support

Protect Yourself:


Phishing is particularly vulnerable to online poker because its legal grey area.




Its Not An Illusion

Collusion is the most widely known method of online poker cheating.


What is Collusion?
Collusion is the co-operation of two or more players at the same table to better their odds at winning.

They could collude through telephones, instant messaging, etc. There are virtually an unlimited amount of colluding methods.




Newest Method Of Cheating

Self-Collusion also referred to as the "Boiler Room" method. and find out exactly how Self-Collusion is accomplished.

Self-Collusion: Involves setting up a number of computers in the same room and running all of them yourself. By doing so, in theory, you could run a poker room where everyone in that room is colluding, except for one or two people. Who stand no chance.

Poker Bots


Money Making Machines

No we don't mean Poker Playing Robots:


A Pokerbot is a utility that you set up to play online poker and win 1+ pots an hour. In order to profit without you doing anything.

Programs such as WinHoldEm, in our 3rd Party Program sectioncan achieve this. However, are banned in many poker rooms.

But, on the other hand - where there is a will there is a way. These people continually find new ways to dupe the poker rooms. And PokerBots continue to exist, successfully.

Poker Tips and Poker Articles
When to Check-Raise in a Sit and Go Tournament
The check-raise is a strong move that should be used sparingly. It can be used as a bluffing device, as a semi-bluffing device, and as a defending strategy for a great hand. The first way in which the check-raise can be used is as a bluffing tool. To set up the bluff the check-raise can be used during the preflop, the flop, the turn, at the river, or at a combination of these game events. If a player doesn’t have a strong opening hand, but they do have the advantage of a late position and most of the early position players have folded or checked to them and there are no more than three players remaining in the round, the player can use a check-raise to start their bluff. A check-raise under these circumstances will almost always force the other players in the hand to fold, unless they too are trying to bluff their opponents.
If the check-raise is called or raised at the flop, and the player feels that their opponents are also trying to bluff in this hand, they may want to again make a check-raise bet instead of backing off or folding. If their opponent(s) still don’t back down, then the player will need to decide if the amount of poker chips they have already added to the pot are all ready too much for them to wager, or if they feel that they have enough chips to see their bluff through until the showdown. If they decide to go as far as they need to defend their hand, they will want to maintain their aggressiveness to the end, when wither their opponents fold out of the hand or they meet their fate at the showdown.
Another way the check-raise can be used is as a semi-bluff tool. The semi-bluff check-raise can occur at the preflop to intimidate their opponents into folding out of the hand, or it can be applied to the flop thereby allowing the other players to add chips to the pot during the preflop. The benefit of using the check-raise for a semi-bluff is that if the semi-bluff makes it to the showdown, there is still a chance that the hand will be able to win the hand on its own merits.
The final way that the check-raise can be used is to defend a killer hand. The check-raise is a very strong and aggressive bet that should be used sparingly. However, if there is a hand that is worth defending, the check-raise is a great way to intimidate weaker players, and to entice aggressive players into adding more chips to the pot. This strategy will help a player to minimize their losses and it will help them to maximize their wins. By learning all of the above semi-bluffing skills and strategies a poker player will be able to perform better is a sit and go tournament, and they will be able to improve their overall poker playing abilities.
To quote the great Doyle Brunson “Poker without the check raise is like football without the forward pass”.

Slots Tips

Play Slots Like A Pro
Know the machine before you start playing Slots. First and foremost you should know the basic rules of the game. Do inquire about the how many reels, lines, money, and jackpot are offered on a particular machine. Make sure that you check the payable of the machine before choosing. Sometimes it also happens that you get machines with low jackpots, but that can spit out loads of cash.

Enjoy every moment as long as you are spinning along with the reels in your Slot World. The magic signs will appear; no one knows when but there is always a next time. Although like most of the casino games, Slots too don’t have any specific gaming strategy for players. It’s all about luck, luck, and Luck! Keep your fingers crossed and wait till Lady Luck is generous on you and you emerge the next Jackpot winner.

If you are not frequent player or a new face to this machine, try not to punish yourself by sitting in front of slots for hours. The most important thing about being at a casino is to enjoy every moment of your gaming session. In case you are worried that the moment you leave your place, it will be grabbed by other players, don’t worry there is other place and next time also. Or you can reserve your place by placing an empty coin bucket in the machines tray.

Don’t trust this game to make you millionaire on any next spin of the reels. It’s only a game of chance and smart Random Number or Symbol Generator software inside that machine. Try something more skillful such as Video Poker once you gain some confidence or you feel like changing to some other game.

The most important thing you should remember is to keep a track of your gambling amount on slots. Always budget the money you wish to spend on one gaming session. Once you are done with your quota of amount for that day, quit the game no matter how the luck is favoring you. Take advantage of all Slot clubs. They offer brilliant comp points and many special promotions.

Another mistake to avoid while playing Slots in casinos is that players sometimes leave the machine with some of their winnings still in it. Always remember to press the CASH OUT button to release all your coins left in the machine. Make sure that you don’t forget to collect your coins there.

Gambling Tip #1: Know thy Casino!
Do the background check before you start gambling online. Once you make up your mind to gamble online, always do a thorough inquiry into the casino you are going to wager your hard-earned money. You can start by checking the content, presentation, and features of casino site to know if they are really serious in their business or not. Also you can check the casino software authenticity, payout percentages, sign-up bonus, and casino license. You can also find about fair or rogue casinos through online casino forums and other casino sites. Last but not least you can mail the casino to know how prompt they reply or call you back.

Gambling Tip #2: Learn the tricks of the trade!
Gambling requires more skill than luck. It's a proven fact that the player who knows the tricks of the trade can turn odds in his favor. It is always advisable to learn and play for fun first than to head start for casino games with money. Read a lot about expert views and basic tips and techniques to learn the game in depth. Then you can jump into the bandwagon of virtual gambling world to extract more than you pay.

Gambling Tip #3: Drinking and Gambling do not mix!
Casinos like to offer you free drinks. This is the first bet they offer to steal you off from your senses. Of course they do it along with free money as sign up bonus to lure you into playing more and more. There is no doubt that drinking obliterates your rational thinking pattern and at the same time misleads your judgment and thinking process. Trust our first advice: Don't drink and play at the same time in online or land-based casinos. Remember this magic mantra: drinking and gambling don't mix.

Gambling Tip #4: Money Matters!
Always remember to set a limit on money how much you are going to bet for the gambling session. Once you become online to any casinos or step out of the door of your house to casino, set a target or budget your money discreetly to be wagered for the timeframe. Calculate the amount you are supposed to bet on games and stick to it no matter you win or lose. It is always the last hand at gambling parlors. That last hand never comes unless you lose all your money. Manage your bankroll prudently and always remember to save the money you win. Never fall a prey to re-bet on your winning amount. Remember that any amount left over from where you started wagering is a net win and try to save it.

Gambling Tip #5: Caution is thy catchword!
Patience and caution while gambling is the word one should always remember while gambling online. Don't let your emotion overtake caution. The very worst thing that can happen to a novice gambler is to win too big too fast. Once you are on a winning spree, pack your things and leave the spot immediately.


The Martingale Roulette System dates back about 300 years, according to my research. It is simply a progression system for even-money bets and is used in casinos, in some form or another, every day of the year all over the world. The Martingale betting system is a progression chain. You have to decide, according to your bankroll, how long that chain is going to be. Most casino players limit the Martingale Roulette progression chain to eight bets. Let’s take a look at what those eight bets would look like if you were a $1 player.

Bet Number One $1
Bet Number Two $2
Bet Number Three $4
Bet Number Four $8
Bet Number Five $16
Bet Number Six $32
Bet Number Seven $64
Bet Number Eight $128

As you can see from the chart, your total bankroll would need to be at least $255 for the session to run this Martingale chain. If you were a $5 bettor, you would need $1,275 to run the Martingale Roulette progression chain.

If your even-money bet hits anywhere from the first bet to the eighth, you win one unit. In the table above, you would win $1. The first question that pops into one's mind is why in the world would someone bet $128 to win $1. The answer for most Martingale players is that the probability of losing nine times in a row is somewhat minimal and therefore, you are not just winning $1, you are winning back all of your money.

Just how safe is the Martingale system? Well, no system is safe in Roulette, but let's look at the probability of you losing with an eight step Martingale Roulette system approach. It's important to remember there are two kinds of Roulette (American and European). As you will see in the chart below, the European version of Roulette is better for using the Martingale Roulette system.

Action American Version European Version
Probability of winning even-money bet. 47.3% 48.6%
Probability of losing even-money bet. 52.7% 51.4%
A. Probability of losing 9 consecutive bets. .00313 .0025
B. Loss probability in number of spins 1 in 320 spins 1 in 400 spins

The European version of Roulette is approximately, all things being equal, 20% safer than the American version of Roulette. The probability of losing nine consecutive even money bets exists all the time, but over the long run, it should happen about as often as stated in point (B) in the table. If you are going to use the Martingale system for Roulette, you should limit your playing sessions. Remember, the ONE in (B) can happen at any point during those spins.

However, if you were able to achieve the mathematical accuracy represented here, the Martingale system would prove to be a profitable one, even on the American version of Roulette. Out of 320 spins, 311 would be winners (9 lost). For the $1 bettor, this would be a intake of $311. The Martingale chain, with eight steps, costs $255. Therefore, you would end up with $56 per spin cycle ($311-$255).

If you are tight with money and scared of losing it, the Martingale system for Roulette is not for you. Martingale players would be wise to have amble bankroll to sustain losses and to limit playing time. Knowing that your ultimate expectancy per cycle is $55, for the $1 bettor, it would be wise to leave the table once you have a portion of that in hand to start with.

Roulette System for the Patient Player

This Roulette system is very easy for anyone to do and is pretty short to example. As usual, this Roulette system will play of the probability of action. We are only looking at even-money bets on the Roulette table, so that includes: odd and even, red and black and high and low. You could expand it out to the dozens and columns if desired, but that would require more modification than what will be presented. For this system, we are going to use a modified progression chain and it will contain four steps. Below is a chart that shows the steps for a $1 and $5 bettor.

Bet Number $1 Bettor $5 Bettor
Bet Number One $1 $5
Bet Number Two $3 $15
Bet Number Three $7 $35
Bet Number Four $16 $80

According to this betting pattern, the $1 bettor will need at least $27 for the progression chain and the $5 bettor will need $135. You will probably notice that this progression system is not a typical double up chain. The $1 bettor has four profit levels: $1, $2, $3, $5. The $5 bettor has four profit levels: $5, $10, $15, $25. Therefore, the deeper you get into the chain, the more profit you will have when you bet hits.


In the event that your chain gets busted, you do not continue on with bet five, six and so on. If you wish to continue, simply start over at bet number one again. Since the last bet would have been a consecutive loser, you will get right back on the horse and bet the same wager for the next spin. Here's a table that shows how you would play five consecutive ODD losses.

Bet Number $1 Bettor Result
Bet Number One $1 Lost $1
Bet Number Two $3 Lost $3
Bet Number Three $7 Lost $7
Bet Number Four $16 Lost $16 (busted)
Bet Number Five $1 Started Chain Again.

While you might be tempted to at least double up for bet number five, it's not advised. Ok, let's talk about the system.

Roulette System

Each even-money bet has a 47.3% probability to show up on any spin in American Roulette and 48.6% in European Roulette. This equates to a 52.7% and a 51.4% probability of losing respectively.

The probability of losing four times consecutively, if you place the same bet, is 7.7% (American) and 6.9% (European). This is when the system starts. You will monitor the following outcomes: Odd and Even, Red and Black and High and Low. Once one of those comes up a certain way for four consecutive times, you bet the opposite. Pretty simple right?

On your first bet, you have a running winning probability of 96% (American) and 96.5% (European). Why? Well, the probability of an even-money bet winning five consecutive times is only 4% (American) and 3.5% (European). By waiting for four consecutive winners, you have dramatically increased your probability of winning.

However, because you have to wait for four consecutive winners, it can take a little time to reach that point. You are watching three separate bets and this will speed up the wait time. If you are on a fast table, or online, the wait time will be minimal.

That's all there is to the system. To give you an example, I am going to print out a quick listing of numbers from actual Roulette play.

Spins: 7,23,10,10,22,36

At this point, I can see that evens have come out four times in a row. Therefore, I now place my ODD bet. Next roll is: 9 red (winner).

Spins after winner: 5,20,21,7,24,11,14,1,5

At this point, I can see that LOW (1-18) has come out four consecutive times. I now place my bet on HIGH (19-36). The next roll is 12 RED. This means I need to step up to progression bet number two and bet black, because Reds have come out four consecutive times.

Next Roll: 10 Black (winner for Red/Black line). Loser on HIGH bet, so going to bet number three.

Next Roll: 11 Black. Loser on HIGH bet, so going to fourth and final bet.

Next Roll: 27 Red. Winner!

In the span of a handful of rolls, I have won three bets. Two came on the first roll. If I was a $5 player, I would be up $35.

Next time you are in a casino, look at the Roulette board (if they have one) and see how you would have done.



Slot Tips

Most of our slot tips apply to both online slots and actual slot machines at your local casino. Above all our main advice is playing slots should be fun.

Play slots that have high payouts or big jackpots. Online slots generally have higher payouts than live casinos due to less overhead costs.

Check the payout schedule. You need to know what winning combinations of symbols you are aiming to get and adjust your playing strategy accordingly.

The slot is not due a payout just because you have put alot of money in it. Don't let this be a reason to stay at one particular slot. You should really leave this slot, ifs a particular game type you enjoy playing see if the casino has another one. It will be more fun if its paying out.

Don't leave a hot slot that is paying out alot or has just paid a big jackpot. Keep playing, its likely it will keep paying out.

Play in your financial comfort zone. Don't play at the dollar bet machines if you only have a few dollars. Your money will last alot longer at the nickel and quarter games.

Start your session with a set amount of money you are happy to lose. If you lose all of this then stop playing if its money you can't afford to lose or if losing more will cause you a feeling of regret.

When you are on a winning streak bet more. Increase stakes and maximise winnings. If you are on a losing streak bet less and keep losing streaks to a minimum.

Always bet the maximum amount of coins when playing. You don't want to hit the jackpot and not win the maximum because you didn't bet all coins. You would always be thinking what might have been if a winning $100,00 combination jackpot shows and you only win $1000 because you were betting only 1 coin at a time. If the maximum wager is to high, look for a different slot with max bet in your comfort zone.

Always read what the minimum number of coins needed to play is.

Don't play slots you don't understand. You won't be getting full value from your bets and no doubt you won't be egtting full amount of fun from the game if its confusing you and you don't know what you should be doing. Theres plenty more so find another one.

If you are playing regularly at a particular casino find out if they have a slots club. You could be entitled to comps or gifts based on how often you play.

At a live casino never pla
y two slot machines at the same time, 2 loose machines are never played side by side. So what you win at one you are very likely to be losing in the other.

Related to the above tip, never play next to someone who is winning alot, for the very same reason 2 loose machines are never played side by side.

the five secrets that will make you a winner

These are the five secrets that will make you a winner at Blackjack.

Try them now and your game will improve radically. This is a promise!

When you feel ready you must check my favourite casino out. They've got the coolest most beautiful graphics I've seen on any casino! visit them. And don't forget to use my tips!

  • Secret #1: Always split a pair of eights and always split a pair of aces. Always!

  • Secret #2: Never buy insurance. Never!

  • Secret #3: Always hit on 12,13,14,15 and 16 when dealer has 10, jack, queen, king and ace. Always!

  • Secret #4: Never split a pair of tens or jacks or kings or queens. Never!

  • Secret #5: Always double-down on 9, 10 and eleven unless dealer has the same as you or better. Always!



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