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  • Player or Banker? According to the BANKER has about 1.2% more "winning" combination than that of PLAYER. But BANKER has 5% commission, therefore is it wiser to bet on PLAYER or BANKER?
  • FK the commission on Baccarat its pointless, most people play player and sometimes mess around on the tie for 8-1 hehhe, but the advantage is hardly noticeably
  • FK the commission on Baccarat its pointless, most people play player and sometimes mess around on the tie for 8-1 heehaw, but the advantage is hardly noticeably
  • I would go with BANKER. 5% commission on 1.2% winning edge equals 0.06 commission, which is peanuts. That leaves a profit winning edge of 1.14%. Definitely, I would bet BANKER. Math speaks for itself, 1.14% is a decent winning edge for a player. Especially when you consider Casinos make a fortune with Blackjack with a house edge of slightly less than 2%
  • Slot Strategies
  • My advise on slots is start out KNOWING you are not going to hit the progressive payout. If you need to bet three coins to hit the progressive, only bet one, If you hit what would have been the progressive payout on one the return is still very good and if you feel lucky you will have plenty of money to continue to play betting three. I hit the Cash Splash Progressive at one of the Micro gaming casinos betting only one, the payout is set at $800.00, on a $25.00 deposit that is still a very nice return, and keep in mind on a 25.00 deposit at $3.00 a spin you are broke in 8 spins so betting 3.00 to me is not an option until I am playing on their money. This really works on many of the progressive games, but remember to always read the payout schedule before pushing the button I played only one coin on the Wow Pot progressive and hit it, one or two coins played pay 0000, man did that frost me .
    On non-progressive machines I continue to change my bet until I find a combination that pays then stay there, its better to win a little than to loose it all! If I am betting large and no payout I go small (less lines really is a better bet). If there is 15 line only bet on 7 to 9 lines.
  • quitting while you're ahead strategy
  • I know, I many times have we all been ahead and then we get greedy trying to "win a little more before cashing out" only to lose it all...or worse yet....that darned REVERSE WITHDRAWAL BUTTON!

    The best piece of advice I learned was when you are ahead and have cashed out at a casino, SIMPLY UNINSTALL THE PROGRAM during the period of time that is required before the casino will submit the withdrawal! i did this the other night at a new casino I tried.....and am so glad I did. Otherwise, I would have been tempted to reverse that withdrawal.

    **Of course, I would suggest you wait to uninstall until you have received a confirmation email with the tracking # of your withdrawal from the casino. Fortunately for me, I received that immediately
  • How to win at online poker?
  • The first thing you have to bear in mind is that online poker is rigged. The online casino makes it's money by raking or taking part of the pot. So the casino rigs games in a several different ways to increase their rake.

    Here are some simple rules for playing online poker. If you obey them you׳³ג€™׳’ג€šֲ¬׳’ג€žֲ¢ll immediately win!

    1) Always play any hand and at least take a look at the flop especially if you are UTG.

    2) If you receive big hole cards (AA, KK, QQ, AKs, etc) be cautious. If you flop a monster hand check the board and see if anyone else could have the nuts or draw the nuts. If there is a chance of someone getting a better hand it will probably happen.

    3) Always chase flushes and straights. you will be surprised how many you will hit on the river.

    4) If you flop a straight or a flush, fold immediately. If you flop a straight someone will get a flush and if you flop a flush someone will get a full house.

    5) If your stack is getting a little short, just push all in. Chances are you will win regardless of what you have. You do have to keep in mind that someone with a smaller or equal stack may call you though.

    Good luck!!!
  • Where to start for money
  • Hold'em is a tricky game, and it's really difficult to gauge whether you're playing well, or not, simply because it has that "any crap hand can win" luck factor.

    On the subject of bonuses, there are differences between say, Pacific Poker Bones, which tend to encourage you to play at higher limits (bonuses are usually worked out on the amount you stake) and the Inter/Will Hill/Empire/Party which are paid on either the number of hours you play, or the number of hands completed. Clearly, as a novice, you need the latter.

    There's also a subtle, currency related difference in bonuses. If you play at William Hill's GB׳²ֲ²ײ²ֲ£ site, you get ׳²ֲ²ײ²ֲ£5 an hour, but at the us$ site it's $5 an hour. This is a significant difference with the ׳²ֲ²ײ²ֲ£ approaching $1.90

    It's might be worth noting that the wager logic sites often email you re additional bonus on certain days of the month, like say, an extra $10 for pocket queens. They also give bad beat bones and royal flush hand-outs. It's unlikely that you'll ever get a royal, (I did once, but Murphy's law had me at another site that didn't pay the damn bonus.) Anyway, the best thing to do, is be patient, and wait until they're paying these special, date specific bonuses, and only play whilst you're getting your ׳²ֲ²ײ²ֲ£5 per hour, and only play at the $1/$2 tables. This technique should ensure that you don't loose too much at hold'em, and you might win a bit, even if you're a novice. BTW, I don't follow my own advice. But it would be the most logical thing to do.

    "I have enough money to last me the rest of my life unless I buy something." -Jackie Mason
  • "Big bet" means the larger bet in a fixed limit game... in a $10/$20 game, the big bet is $20.

    How much you can make of course depends on the "quality" of the competition, and how you win pots -- win several pots beating one opponent in a tight game, win one pot in a loose game against many opponents. In lower limit Los Angeles games you might only be dealt 20 hands an hour, with everybody playing ever hand. If you are playing right, you won't play very many (meaning you wouldn't win very many too) but when you win you win huge pots. In higher limit online games, it's not uncommon to face one opponent, where what you both basically do is split up the blinds. These different roads might even lead to the same profit an hour.

    Personally I never think about money wagered as long as I stay within my bankroll. Then you just decide which game is most profitable to you, or has other reasons to play (most player's brains and stomachs would be better off making $40.05 an hour in a passive game than $40.06 an hour in a wild game).
  • Sites to avoid
  • Most online poker rooms are legit. But a few are outright scams to be avoided. Here are the sites to avoid at all costs. They refuse to let players cash out. Refuse to let players cash out. A rigged game, programmed to deal you a losing hand every time. Affiliated with the land-based Concord Card Club in Austria (an excellent card room by all accounts), the online card room has zero player traffic, cs emails frequently contain viruses, & while cash outs do arrive they are a significant hassle Not yet online, rake free is owned by the former CEO of, a poker site that went bankrupt under very dubious circumstances a few years back. When poker spot went under, players lost all of the money in their accounts. I've seen 2 posts on B2G about these guys, and they've only been operative a few days. There is strong evidence that they are affiliated with Pro Poker (they share the same IP address among other things). Their "too good to be true" looking bonus and prop programs are also red flags.

    These are all the bad sites I know of. If you want to play poker online, stay away from these ones and stick to the ones with solid reputations.
  • The most common mistake most holdem players make?
  • Not taking advantage of their position. Which is the smarter move. Raising with Ace-king in the blind or raising with pocket tens one away from the button or on the button. Although the ace-king is a slight favorite, heads up, in the real world the tens will win more money. When the ace-king gets a favorable flop he will win a small pot, but 3/4 of the time he be forced to bluff or check and is really at the mercy of the players following him. The pocket tens on the other hand can bet or bluff depending on the nature of the hand. Even when an over card flops you bet knowing your opposition puts you on a better hand. When the betting makes it is obvious that you are beaten, muck em. Calling that last bet, when you are beaten is futile and expensive. Stay tuned, more tips on the fine art of holdem will be forthcoming..
  • I play mainly No-Limit tourneys, and even with a full table you'll often get into a position where you're heads up with a showdown pre-flop. In these situations you've got to know the power of a small pair.

    If you're getting short stacked and need to double up, a small pair is often the time to take your chances.

    If you can get heads up with your small pair then your only fear is a bigger pair, against everything else you're either a small fav or a big fav. You're dream opponent will be a big stack trying to take you out and calling with something like A5s, if you've got 66 in your hand you'll be a 2-1 fav

    You're actual point at the start of this thread about AK vs TT and the position of play when your on a full table is a lot more complicated. Is it a tourney or cash game? Is it limit, pot or NL holdem? If it's a tourney then what stage are you at, what's the blinds and what's the stack sizes of the players? Are your opponents tight, aggressive, lose etc?

    Even with a lot more info about the hand you'll often still get the answer 'it depends' and that's what makes poker such a great game.
  • Bluffing
  • Bluffing....Look, I'm no expert, but I read a lot...and this is the advice will I have read.

    Basically, in a long handed game, say 7 or more players, you really don't need to bluff. This is because with so many players, someone is almost bound to have a hand that beats yours, and is also prepared to call your bluff. So only play strong hands. This is incredibly boring, as it means you play about one hand in 12, and on a bad day, you might not play a hand for well over half an hour at a time. This only play good hands strategy isn't original or interesting, but it is effective because for some reason I can't understand, few other players stick to it, and few adjust their play to allow for your rock-like credentials.

    It's still a good idea to bluff sometimes, the idea isn't really to win anything out of it, but almost to get caught bluffing. If you do this people will say "Ah, that C.M. , he's a bit of a bluffer". This means that the next time you play a hand, even if its a pair of AAs, people will say "Ah, that C.M. , he's a bit of a bluffer" etc. Hopefully they will raise against your bet on your impossibly strong hand, & you clean up. Well that's the idea anyway. I think it's probably best not to bluff more often that once in every 10 or so hands that you play. That's a guess. I don't know for sure. As you're only playing 1 in 12 hands, that means you bluff about once every blue moon. But you get the idea.

    In short handed games esp with 3 or less, then you need to bluff a lot. In this sense, it means raising loads in order to convince your opponent that you have a strong hand. Strangely, because there are only a few players, if you have almost any hand of any quality it probably is stronger anyway. This tendency to raise a lot in short handed games makes them very aggressive, so pref. should be avoided by the likes of us. They're difficult to win, unless you really have a feel for the game, which takes time. I'll give it another year for my ability LOL!

    Because of all this, when selecting tables, the thing I most look out for is full tables. They're easier for beginners.

    "I have enough money to last me the rest of my life unless I buy something." -Jackie Mason

  • The way I see it, in limit poker there are only two good times to bluff, the semi-bluff when you have a four flush or open ended straight. In other words you have the worst hand, but a very good chance of making the best hand. Sometimes you have both , with 15 cards that can make your hand. I particularly like having a pair and the flush draw. Of course if it's the top pair, you are not bluffing. The other time to bluff is the position bluff, when you are last or second last and everyone has checked. I prefer to do this after the turn card, too many players will call after the flop with over cards, and the bigger bet on the turn discourages callers. Remember they have no idea what you have, in their mind you could have slow-played a set, or have made a set or two pair on the turn. Some poor players can't be bluffed, so it's a good idea to know if this type player is in the hand. Just the other day, I saw a bluffer called , and the caller couldn't even beat an ace high, which of course what the bettor had..
  • If you play low limit against more players, then do not bluff or very rarely, because there are players who never fold. If there are 1-2 opponents only, then of course you have to bluff, when you feel your opponents do not have good cards. If the pot is large, then the bluffing is bad idea, because if the players fold, then they lose lot of money, so some of them will call. If the pot is small, then the bluff can be good. (I'm quite good low limit Hold'em player.)
  • Low Stakes Online Poker Great Way to Learn
  • The key to winning in the higher stakes game is one to have sufficient $ to outlast the inevitable losing streak, in 10-20 I buy in with $500, but my total $ that I can afford to lose is $4000, which I believe is a minimum. Being a gentleman and a gracious loser are good qualities to have, also. You are going to have monster hands beaten...I actually lost a hand where I had four aces. It is burned in my memory. I'm a terrible bluffer, but I will overcome this by using an obvious tell. My right hand tremors due to an accident some years ago. Early in the game I will use it throw my chips when I have the nuts or near nuts. Later I use it when I bluff or semi- bluff. More than 90% of the time I'm able to steal the pot. A semi- bluff is like a four flush and a lower pair. Do not be a calling station, your opponents will run over you. If you have a hand your going check /call, it is best to bet. I generally play only good cards, meaning tens or above in early position, but have played many suited connectors late and on the button. I make it a point to show my opponents these mediocre hands, so that don't always assume I have big cards when I call or raise. If the game is loose, play tight. If the game is tight play loose. The idea is to keep your opponent guessing. Protect the big blind, too, especially if there are no other players in and the raiser is the button. I could write a book on this subject, but others have done it better than I.E. have played with some of the best and used to beat former WSOP champ the late Bill Smith like a drum. He had an obvious tell, which I was surprised no one else picked up on. Whenever he was dealt a premium hand, he would take a drink from the ever present beer and change body positions ever so slightly to make getting at his chips easier. There are even tells in the online games, like betting patterns. On true poker you can chat with your opponents and can see if they they take a second or third peek at their hole cards. Most realistic of the sites I've visited. I suggest you download their software, and watch the real money games, it is a great learning experience. You will soon be able to identify tendencies of certain players and have a good idea of what to expect when you actually get in the game...

  • Winning Tips I Use and Win
  • I play for Entertainment only, but there is a challenge to playing and being able to deposit $50, or $25, then get longevity in play for the small amount I deposit.
    I also have my own Rule set in place for playing, and that is to CASH OUT when i get ahead, have it sent to my Neteller, then it gives me money to deposit at other casino's (playing the same exact way), then repeat what I did at the 1st casino. Also, it gives me money to make more deals with to earn more GG's to play on.
    First, there is no such thing as a HIGH bet, and A Max bet per spin. NO-NO-NO !!!!!!
    Bet sensible, bet small, hit many more smaller wins, let them build up, then cash out- YES- CASH OUT.
    I play 99% of the time at Micro Gaming casino's because my way of playing goes very far, and I do cash out daily form #300 to 1k, sometimes more.
    The last 4 days, between deals done(2) and deposits at FL casino's, I spend only $50 of my own money to get started, All the rest was from winnings at the 1st casino. I cashed out over 4k in those 4 days, and still have $$ in 3 of the casino's to play more later this week.
    There is no special time to play, because I won and built these winnings during various times of the day/week/weekends. So, that is no way put into my way of play.
    The games I found that my way works best are:
    ISIS, Dolphins Tale, Dynamite, Loaded, Halo weenies, and Thunderstruck. (in that order)
    My Way.
    1. Play all lines. (ie 15/20/25/30/40 lines depending on the slot).
    2. Play at 1(one) cent per line. (or 2 cents if brave).
    Be in EXPERT Mode set at 100 or more spins in auto mode.
    3. Coins per line: (I play 1 coin per line) sometimes when I double my deposit in winnings, then I go to 2 coins per line bet.
    ISIS is a 25 line slot, so my bet per spin of the slot is only 25 cents x 100 or more spins.
    Here is the key for successful winning at these games.
    KEY= Free Spin Feature= In Dolphins Tale and Loaded, and the best results for getting better payouts are by choosing 25 spins in Dolphins Tale, and 25 spins in Loaded.. Why?
    I hit more wild symbols x5 or 5 of anything in these selections giving you an automatic win of anywhere from $25 up to $680 for just that 1 spin, then you have all the remaining spins to go and win more.
    When I finish all the free spins, if my total is over $200, I go to the bank and cash out 1/2 of what I won, then return to the same game.
    Casanova plays the same way. I'm looking at other games and trying this on, and it works with any of the games I have tried so far.
    Believe me when I say I have tried playing at Max bet, max $$, and I lost so fast, but the minute I went back to this way of playing, I won, and I built it back up to where I was. So, play smaller for longevity in play.
    This way can win from a Bonus of $10 won from here at , because I cashed out 1k from a $10 win from here...
    Playing this way I have played 3 days and cashed out over $500, and still left $152 to play on later. (its still in the casino).
    Good LUCK to you
    WIN BIG, but more importantly, have fun...

    Scratchers2u/little john

    Now, I am testing ways of play at other casino's like Hot Pepper and others to find easy ways of winning there too.

  • A little note:
    If you are playing at a Microgaming Casino that has instant payment, then here is what to do. (you must have made a deposit via Neteller and/or have Neteller as your preference for payment)
    You cash out and get the transaction number, then go to main lobby, click on banking, it will bring you back and show reverse- but, click on instant withdrawal, and follow the info it shows (you want neteller, acct, etc), then click finish and wait for it to process. Then it is instantly there in neteller for you to use.
    The minimum is $250 and the max is $2500 for instant, and the balance will follow into neteller the next day.
    I do it every day as I cash out.
    Good Luck to you.

    I play on a $50 deposit only.
    I play mostly Multi-Line slots, with feature bonus's and/or spins. (favorites are: Loaded, Moonshine, and Casanova).
    I will use Loaded as an example:
    I play 2 c (cents) per line, and play 3 coins per line for a total of 150 coins per spin.
    I go into expert and change it to 100 spins, then hit save and return to the game.
    I play 5 spins, just to see how the game is working on my computer, then when it finishes I hit auto, and go into my 100 spins.
    Usually before I get to 25 spins done I have get the bonus spin feature, and I always take the 24 spins because I win more in that one that the pother 2 choices.
    Just last night i was in the spins, had 19 spins to go and hit 24000 coins for $480, and still was spinning. This 24 spins ended up with $1123 so I went to cash out and cashed out $1000, and I am still playing on the balance. Yes, I will cash out another $500 before tonight is over..
    Keep playing until you start cashing out, and usually it won't be long before you do cash out.

    I play the same way on all of the machines that show coins instead of $ amounts.
    I will do the next one on playing the slots where you see dollar and cents instead of coins.

    You do not need to be a high roller to cash out, meaning wait for a single win of $5000 or way, because i can have 10 or 15 $100 cash outs and still have that money ....
    A big win (to me) is like a bonus...Surprise me!!!
    (and it usually does)
    Good Luck and try this, it may help you get more play for your dollar.
  • Texas Hold `Em Basics and How It Works at Poker Rooms
  • There have been quite a few questions around here lately about Texas Hold'Em because of the recent Tournament. I'm going to try to answer as many as I can, and any further questions about the game I can answer behind this post.

    OK... Let's begin.

    1. Texas Hold'Em is based on Regular Poker, except for a few minor variations. In Regular 5-Card Poker, You try to make the best hand possible out of your 5 cards that are dealt to you.

    Cards are in suits and numbers. Suits have no ranking, but the numbers and letters do.


    Numerical Rank (from lowest to highest):

    A 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 J(Jack) Q(Queen) K(King) A(Ace) (Aces may be used high or low).

    The possible hands are listed below (note that no two cards can be the exact same (value & suit) at any time in your hand):

    1. High card (lowest hand in poker): No 2 cards alike, unsuited. Use the highest card in your hand.
    2. Pair (Beats high card): 2 like cards, with 3 other unlike cards (i.e., A A 7 3 9).
    3. Two Pair (Beats a pair): 2 sets of 2 like cards (each set different from the other), with one card unlike the other sets (i.e., 7 7 A A J).
    4. 3 of a Kind (Beats two pair): 3 cards all alike, with two unlike cards (i.e., Q Q Q 8 3)
    5. Straight (Beats 3 of a kind): 5 consecutive cards, unsuited. A suited straight is a straight flush. (i.e., 2H 3H 4D 5C 6S)
    6. Flush (Beats straight): 5 cards all of the same suit, not consecutive. (i.e., 6 of Diamonds, 8 of Diamonds, 4 of Diamonds, A of Diamonds, J of Diamonds)
    7. Full House (Beats flush): a 3 of a kind plus a pair. (i.e., 5 5 5 8 8)
    8. 4 of a kind (Beats full house): 4 like cards plus one unlike card (i.e., 10 10 10 10 K)
    9. Straight Flush (Beats 4 of a kind): 5 consecutive suited cards (i.e., 7 8 9 10 J, all of clubs).
    10. Royal Flush (beats straight flush): Essentially the highest straight flush possible (i.e., A K Q J 10 of the same suit).

    In No-Limit Texas Hold'Em, there are some slight differences in the play of the game, however the hand rankings remain the same.

    Before any cards are dealt, 2 people are "forced" to make a bet. These people are called "blinds." The "small blind" must post one-half of the required minimum bet, while the "big blind" must post the entire minimum bet. Then, all players are dealt 2 cards face down, so that only the player may see them. A round of betting then occurs. Players at this time decide whether they're in or out. Each player must post a bet equal to the big blind in order to remain in the hand. If the player does not want to bet this hand, s/he folds his/her cards and sits out the hand.

    However, if a player wants to post a bet larger than the big blind, they may do so. This is called "raising." The raise must be equivalent to double the big blind or greater. All players who wish to stay in must bet again or fold their cards. Once the bet gets around to the big blind, they may choose to bet again or "check," which means they do not want to raise their bet, however, they want to stay in the hand.

    At this time, all chips are collected and placed in the center of the table. In a regular game at an online poker room (player-vs-player), the house at this time will take a percentage of the pot, known as a "rake", as payment for its services of hosting the game (explained in further detail below). Now, the top card on the deck is "burned" (placed face-down and out of play) and 3 "community" cards (cards that can be used by everyone) are dealt face-up. This is known as the "Flop."

    Another round of betting then occurs. Players may check if no bet is on the table, bet at least the big blind, raise, or fold. After the completion of betting, the chips are collected, the house will take its rake, the top card is burned, and the fourth community card will be dealt, known as the "Turn."

    Another round of betting occurs. After all bets are complete, the rake is taken, another card is burned and the fifth and final community card is dealt, known as the "river."

    A final round of betting then occurs. When all bets are complete, the players remaining in the hand reveal their cards. However, if a player reveals their cards before another and the player decides not to show what they had, they may "muck" (leave the cards face-down and pass them to the dealer) and let the other player take the pot.

    If two or more players have the same hand that cannot be improved by their hole cards (a community hand), then those players shall split the pot. If players' hands are equal, but not by a community hand, the tie shall be broken by using the players' highest hole card. If these are also equal, then both players will split the pot.
  • I am a player whom wants more play for my depositing dollar..                                                                 So I have active accounts at more than 30 casino's, and 95% of them i cash out anywhere from $500 up to over $28000, and all done within a years period.
    At first I played, won a little, cashed out, then thought to myself that "gee, i have $800 now, so if I reverse it, I can make it $1600, then I have more money. WRONG!
    My very 1st win was $750 and I cashed it out without reversing it. Boy, was that Great to feel I got $700 above the $50 i had deposited, and how easy it was to get it. WRONG AGAIN !
    Yes, it was easy, but, it was Luck shining on me.
    The second win was $4000, the very next day ! WOW, so, so, easy on another $50 deposit...WOW, I can quit working and just gamble to make wages and pay bills...WRONG!
    The 3rd win (my favorite one) was another $50 deposit, and because BIG JOHN here at Gone Gambling kept showing his great wins playing Gopher Gold slot, I played that one @ $2 bet and auto spin for 100 spins. I won $24000 hitting all 5 eagles !!!! WOWOWEEEEE, that's almost $30000 in less than a week ! For sure, time to quit working. WRONG.
    OK, there are allot more I could tell of, and all but 2 or 3 were total cash outs without any reversals what so ever.
    99% of my wins have been on Micro gaming software, no special time of day/week/ etc. The casino's have no control over the software once it is installed and everybody has downloaded it.
    Here are a few tips on when to cash out, and if you feel you will want to reverse it and play more, then there is also a fail safe way to do that too.

    #1. Always go play in a positive mood, and never think or say that you must win.....That will be a down fall for you to lose for sure.
    #2. Always play for entertainment, and to relax, have some fun. Winning is a Bonus!
    #3. Play within your means, not betting over your set limits for play.
    #4. When playing, start with a deposit you are comfortable with. (for me it is $50 max).
    #5. Play at a conservative amount: 1c,2c,5c,10c,etc and per line bet, and stay with that bet.
    When you change bets from 2c, then go to 10c, then the games seem to change against you (but they really haven't), because you are betting more, losing faster than you were at 1c. (longevity of play)
    #6. With a deposit of $50, when you reach $150, then go to Banking, withdraw $100, then return to the same game and play on your $50 you started with.

    Keep doing this every time you add $100 or more to your start money.
    After an hour or 2, you will have cashed out over $500 and you are still playing....
    #7. When you lose that first $50, and (by now should have at least $100 pending-or more), dis connect from the casino and DO NOT go back for 2 days...
    #8. The casino will put a hold of 24 to 48 hours from the time you hit withdraw before they pay you. Thay do this because they know that 98% of the players do reversals and lose it all back to them..

    These are just a few pointers that i use.
    I hope they will help you cash out and forget they have a reverse button..
    I will do the next post on how to play on $25 or $50 and cash out while playing for hours....

    Note: Here is the fail safe way to ensure you do not reverse any cash out until you learn not to go back to the casino.
    After you have lost, and have any cash out pending, just uninstall the casino until you get the money paid.
    Then, log back into gone gambling, use a link above the forum and download the casino again, start playing..

    Amazing Roulette Tool
    I am pretty new to Money Maker Machine(MMM) and have tested MMM last night
    the very first time, playing for fun.
    I've got a 'play for fun capital' of $2k from the online casino.
    This morning, when I woke up and checked the computer,
    I was surprised to see nice profit.
    And here are more details:
    After some first small tests I decided to let MMM run over the night hours.
    I used exactly the same settings for dynamic betting like MMM did in it's example on the website.
    It run fine, but later it broke up because I couldn't answer the question for the 8th bet... black or red, since
    I have got a timeout from the casino ( I was sleeping during that time )
    But I was already in plus with $203. So the machine worked for me during I slept - sounds good.
    Today in the morning I have started another MMM run,
    When it came to the point that I was asked by MMM software,
    how to decide for the 8th bet: black or red,
    I just accepted MMM's suggestion, and bingo - it was correct.
    The program continued to run and produced more winning bets for me.
    Than, around 2 hours later, I came back home from an appointment,
    and found another black / red request for the 8th bet. Timed out by casino software,
    since I couldn't answer in time.
    My Balance at this time was a nice and surprising amount of $2,275k.
    That's a profit of $275.
    I guess it could have been a much higher amount,
    when I would have been available to answer the questions.
    You can find Money Maker Machine Roulette Tool in GOOGLE

    Are Women Better Gamblers?

    A study conducted by a Harvard medical school, using statistics from leading Austrian online gaming company Bwin, has revealed that high-stakes female gamblers who bet over the Internet win more frequently than men.

    The findings of the 40,499-person study 'favor women as exhibiting more effective sports gambling behavior than men,' wrote author Richard LaBrie and his team of researchers.

    The results of the study, which was partly funded by Bwin, is set to be published later this year although it was initially released at the end of June.

    onclusions reached by the study, which is based on eight months of scrutinizing gambling patterns at the Austrian bookmaker in 2005, include the fact that women bet 15 percent more cash on average when compared with their male counterparts and a finding that the surveys largest bettors, i.e. women, were 50 percent less likely to lose than smaller players.
    War Stories

    hmmm, where to begin

    Signed up to this casino a couple of days ago, not one of the best bonuses on here, but given a bit of luck it hads the possibility of being one of the most profitable
    I used the deposit code 400CLUB, this being a 400% match up bonus up to a maximum of $800 with a 30x wagering requirement (quite reasonable for this size bonus) only problem was the bonus isn't cashable.... i deposited my $200, got credited with $800 and set to work i played using the well known and terrible method of doubling up, with the aim of doubling my bank roll to $2000 and then cruising to the finish until i had cleared the wagering requirement.

    my betting method went (2 handed) $5, then $10, then $25, then $55, then $120, then $250

    started plodding away at it with the thought that my $200 was ls ot from the start as I do with most bonuses... got to about $5k wagered and had made $360ish... Nice I'm thinking...

    that's when the first nasty down swing came, went on a massive run of losses and went down to as little as $80, over the next $2k of wagering like a maniac i pulled up to $1500ish and called it a night.


    Attacked the bonus the same way from the start, continuing my betting, had a nice run $1700 with no major troubles, $1800, thinking ooh I'm getting close, then started getting a bit iffy as I approached $1900..... by this point I had wagered about $10k

    It's at this point I must mention that although my aim was to double up my starting BR i also wanted to have wagered at least 15x before I started playing normal.

    Anyway, I carried on, got to $1930ish and was just under $11k wagered and then it happened.... nasty run of luck wagered something like $4k in about 5 minutes and busted out..... $1k or 2 short of my target and $70 short of my BR target....

    so close yet so far...... still a lot of potential nonetheless
    I highly recommend this bonus if you are feeling a bit daring


    I already did my first casinos with Golden Palace (+ $ 800) and Starluck (+ $700). Wagered for sure to much to get the requirements met, but had a fair streak of luck at both and seemed I couldn't lose, so after betting 1s for a long time at BJ I was up quite a bit at both sites I increased my bets to 10 a hand and a few 25s a hand! I know this was risky too, because it's easy to get caught up in the fire of this game. So my advice is also to keep using the strategies that you need to use with 1 or maybe 2 dollar bets, till you are sure to make your WR and at least walk away with a smile.

    I did the River Nile $1000 Free Play promotion and managed the WR of 10x the free play amount and 100 bets, ending up at 1500 or something, enough to get 200 transferred into my bonus account. So I deposited the 40 Euro (in my case) and got the bonus in my account the next day. I managed to double up the total amount to around 500 Euro with 50 Euro hands om BJ (only count 2% or 5%, but a good game to try and double up) and after completing the 30x play through on American Roulette (counts 100%) I still had about 400 Euro ($ 520)left in my account. I played 1-18,19-36,red,black,odd,even and played just red for a while with 2 dollar bets till I met the WR. Cashed out the 400 Euro. With a 40 Euro deposit that's a nice profit I would say. 

    In total my first 3 casinos and total winnings of + $ 2000 for about 5 days of play. 



    I'd say it is a mistake, and it usually indicates a conceptual error, but it is often not large in magnitude.

    One common conceptual error is failing to recognize that a reprise may be better. A reraise actually allows you to work with the initial raiser to knock out the blinds and limpers, or at least to give them unattractive odds. In limit, a single raise does not protect a good hand from many mediocre hands that are getting a 50% discount. Reraising increases your share of the dead money in the pot, and may be appropriate when you are behind the range of the initial raiser.

    In practice, many casual players cold-call because they don't care about the raise. They usually have a hand that would be better to fold. They have some chances, but those are worth a bit less than 2 small bets.

    Common examples of when it may be right to be the first cold-caller in early or middle position are when you have suited KQ, AQ, and AJ, and can expect the pot to be multiway if you cold-call. These suited hands do not do well (or ar just ok) after isolating an early position raiser, but they are quite good in multiway pots.

    Calling a raise from the small blind is similar to cold-calling. Usually, reraising or folding is better.


    In no limit hold'em, flat calling a preflop raise is much more acceptable. The short version of why is that you can expect to win considerably more after the flop when you hit a big hand (or in some cases if you slow play your big hand preflop).


    It's not just a trap or for speculative hands. Reraising reopens the action for the raiser. It's not a big deal if someone caps in limit after you 3-bet. It's just one small bet, and you get a lot of information for that. It can be a disaster to let someone push in NL.

    I don't think the term cold-call should be used in NL to refer to calling a preflop raise. Flat-call, smooth-call, and just plain call can be used instead.


    Taking down the pot early

    Say you raise preflop with AK. You get one or two callers and the flop comes K74 rainbow. You bet say a 2/3 to a full pot. Both calls.

    Why did the villains called the preflop raise in the first place? Do they call every raise or only when they have something good?

    Why did they call you on the flop? Do you almost always c-bet on the flop or do you only bet when you hit something?

    What type of hands would the villains call the flop bet with? Would they raise with two pair or more, would they raise a draw? Would they fold if they have less than any of the above? Would they call down to the river with any two cards?

    How big are the stacks?

    What do they think you have, based on this play and earlier hands?

    How are you going to continue on the turn and river when something that completes a draw comes. When a blank comes?

    This things and much, much more should be constantly going through your mind every single hand you play.

    It's not easy, but you really have to think about what you and the other players are doing and act accordingly. Then you have to decide if you are going to fold, call or raise. And if you decide to bet: bet the amount that accomplishes your goal for the given hand. No more, no less.

    I am tired so I write way too much instead of trying to answer your question in a simple way :-)

    Don't fall in love with your two cards! In my experience TPTK and similar hands, shouldn't be played as the nuts. I have lost a LOT of money on those hands, before I realized that people very rarely make big raises against the preflop raiser(me) on a board where it's obvious that I have TPTK or maybe even an overpaid. If I meet too much resistance with a TPTK-kind of hand without much additional outs, and I have no specific reads that tells me that the villain is a complete idiot, I'll try to get out and wait for a better situation. This have saved me a lot of money.



    That the player is winning "decently" is not the only information needed.

    What people consider a decent win rate varies from game to game, and person to person. Winning 6 big blinds/100 hands is decent in a tough online HSNL game. Winning 30 big blinds/100 hands is decent in a soft online microstates game. The difference changes the bankroll requirements by a factor of 5.

    Multitabling does not intrinsically change the bankroll requirements. However, those who play 10 or more tables usually accept much lower win rates as "decent" than those who play 1-4 tables at the same level.

    The standard deviation varies tremendously from player to player and game to game. Some full ring players have a SD/100 of 60 big blinds or less. Some shorthanded players have a SD/100 of 160 big blinds or more. (See the stats threads in the strategy forums.) This difference means a factor of 7 difference in bankroll requirements for the same win rate.

    Bankrolls also mean different things to different people. If you can move down to a profitable game with lower stakes, and are willing to do that when you hit a downswing, then you can be safer with less. See the question by Gonso that I answered for an example where moving down can make someone as safe as though his bankroll were multiplied by 5.5. Of course, for some people (particularly those playing for low stakes), busting out is a temporary inconvenience instead of a disaster, which means that they can be far more aggressive.

    These are why 20 buy-ins can range from overly conservative to dangerously unsafe, even for "decent winners." Offering 20 buy-ins as advice to everyone is like saying it is 4:00 whenever anyone asks for the time.

    Feel stuck in your game?

    Here's what I did.

    NOTHING!-I took a 6-week break from was REALLY hard to do! Went to bars, drank, girls, ya know- anything to get my mind off poker. No poker books, no B&Ms, no ESPN or Travel Channel poker, no TWO PLUS TWO!!!!

    I got drunk and lost my glasses twice and prolly spent well over a grand in alcohol.

    For the past week I've been playing in 50 hand intervals and then evaluate my play at the end of the session. This is something I wanted to do in the beginning but for whatever reason- being stuck in a game, having a great session, ect., ect. I rarely did.

    Over my first 18k (pre-6 week break) I was a break even player overall. 18/9/2

    I'm back on poker stars and only a few regulars are still there. I guess the other regulars moved on.

    My game is micro limit limit hold em full ring.

    I feel that all the information from this site, all the books and advice settled and I subconsciously formed my own style.

    I've been playing three hundred hands a day for the past three days and although I may be running got...I am winning 7bb/100 with 400 hands being at .25c/.50c limit and the balance at .10c/.20c. My stats over the 1,000 hands are 20/10/2.1 FINALLY!!! I was not really trying to play 20/10 poker I just remembered stuff from the past and used it to my advantage.

    I'm REREADING SSH and going to try to play one hundred hands a day. I think I'm finally a winning player!


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